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Horror films 👻


It’s occurred to me this is a good question to ask at parties.


I like it.

I want to watch it someday.

I don’t think I watch horror flicks in October though, or no more than usual anyway. :slight_smile:

(Have I even watched a single movie this month?)


Shocker endings?


Well, or which one stayed with you, for whatever reason.


Yeah avoiding spoilers obviously thats an interesting thing to talk about. Memorable endings are important.


Yeah, that’s true, not very spoiler friendly. But I guess most people would know the classic endings anyway.

Best openings would be good too. I’ll have to think about that one.


Would have to think about Horror Films in specific as well (the original Halloween comes to mind, which is really powerful if you don´t know the twist) but in general I love movies that start out with an opening narration that is immediately followed by the opening theme. Conan The Barbarian and Highlander are two favourites of mine in that respect.


You could. Cause you could have recorded movie from the TV. My mom started her collection in 1986. She browsed magazines to find the movie gems (which were usually broadcasted at night). She recorded them, she edited ads out, she cut the picture from the magazine and taped it on the case.
Only a few titles were bought, cause TV didn’t broadcast them. I and my siblings grew up wearing tapes of Hitchcock, Woody Allen, or The Blues Brothers, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or even Leningrad Cowboys go America. When I was a teen, I loved to wake up at night and put on some movies. I discovered 2001 a Space Odissey, Fahrenheit 451, Wild Thing, many others. So in the nineties I started collecting myself. By the 00s I had more than 500 VHSs, mostly recorded from the TV. Then I started, slowly, upgrading my collection to DVD. When I was a resident, I spent ridiculously stupid money for DVDs… which costed me much more than the Blu-Rays I’m buying today to replace them :roll_eyes:


I (and we) did that! Everything just like you described also. I still have tons of movies recorded from TV on VHS! That is obviously not what I meant.

And that´s what I mean, collecting movies on physical media was never cheaper as it is now.

Here is how collecting movies (especially horror movies but also other classics) works nowadays.

  1. Movie gets delisted and passed with a new rating for the first time in 35 years.
  2. Movie gets a release on 5 Different Media Books (big ass covers with 1 blu ray containing the movie one DVD containing the movie AGAIN and one or two Bonus DVD or Blu Rays) with five different covers.
  3. Half a year later movie gets standard single disc amaray release for reasonable price.

Which is exactly what happened with Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (starring the late great Dennis Hopper!) which I will watch tonight in fact.


Watched Frankenstein (Boris Karloff version) tonight. Liked it :slightly_smiling_face:

Summarising thoughts:

  • Fritz had what was coming to him
  • the little girl was great
  • it ended quite abruptly
  • interestingly, it didn’t seem as sympathetic towards the monster as its uses, references and homages in later media

Something I didn’t know:
Apparently making the film put such a physical strain on Karloff that he ended up having three back surgeries afterwards, and suffered problems for the rest of his life :pensive:



Bride Of Frankenstein picks up directly at that point and goes deeper into many things concerning the monster´s personality. If you read the book you will see many more familar scenes from it in that one.

Two more things.

Boris Karloff took out his fake teeth to make his cheeks look caved in.

The original theaterical version had a piece of audio censorship where at the part where Frankenstein says that he now knows how it feels to be god, they added an additonal thundercrack to aurally drown out the perceived blasphemy.

It´s also interesting when you realise the introduction of that iconic monster to the world was with it´s back to the audience and the other characters (he enters through the door backwards).

Check out Bride, soon. I think you may like it even more.

Like this guy:


I’m looking forward to watching that one :slightly_smiling_face: especially if NG likes it, heh. I read the book at uni so might recognise a few things.

Yeah I saw that in the making-of they included on the blue ray. Seems so odd now!

They also cut the scene where he throws the girl in the river for its ‘shock’ factor - it was only rediscovered in the 80s. However some people said it caused more unease to omit it, because when the audience later saw the man carrying her through the town in such a state, it looked like something much more sinister had occurred.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that one!

That is really bad since it´s a key moment for the whole movie in the characterization of the monster. Showing that he is really more innocent and childlike (expecting the child to float on the water like the flowers and then running away in panic) and not evil.

The only part that I´m not really sure about is the one with the “criminal brain” which seems pointless and contradictiorary.


Yeah, definitely. Thought apparently Karloff asked them to not to do that bit too, but from the sounds of it that was partly on the actress’ behalf :smile:

Yeah, I found that a bit unnecessary! Like they needed a reason for him to be ‘dangerous’. That was part of what surprised me about it being so unsympathetic to the creature.


Is it true Europeans don’t celebrate Halloween? Wondering if that’s the reason. There’s only three days left until horror movies cease to be interesting.


No. It comes from the old world (ireland) afterall. And Halloween is a thing over most of europe now.

Nope, to me they never do. But it´s a good time for special concentration nonetheless. Think I´ll watch the original 1978 Halloween on it´s 40th anniversary this year. Used to watch every year until I got bored with it. After some break though, it´s good to see it again once in a while. :slight_smile:


I have no idea if anybody else watches more horror movies in October, but why would something like [rec.] or Ring(u) etc. be any worse in any other month? I guess I can kinda sorta see it being slightly better for Halloween… or Friday the 13th on October 31st and any Friday the 13th, respectively. :wink:

I think it’s a lot bigger in Belgium than in the Netherlands, at least the part where I’m from. It’s kind of an amalgamation of Sint Maarten and Ouwe Sunder.


In Poland traditionally it’s a sad, mournful day where we visit the graves of relatives and friends. We have some Halloween that was imported through American pop culture, once the communism fell in '89, but it’s frowned upon by the Church, conservatives and people who generally don’t like holidays artificially created to sell more stuff. When it’s celebrated (by young people) it’s mostly just horror themed parties, nobody watches horror in October because Halloween is coming.


I was shocked to find out that Eoropean kids don’t go around knocking on strangers’ doors asking for treats.

Anyways, It Follows is a great recent horror movie. It’s on Netflix and was partly filmed in my home town.

Also recommend Get Out.


True, there are lots of great Detroit horror movies out now.