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Favourite theme songs from our childhood TV shows

As suggested by @milanfahrnholz in another thread I’ll open a new thread for your favourite theme songs from our childhood TV shows. I’ll start with a classic:


(german version)


Oh yeah!

That reminds me of Tom and Jerry that had a special German intro:


This is Hello Spank, a cartoon I liked as a child.
Please, listen to the music: does it remind you of another song/ tv show?


I don´t even need to click that to have the Udo Jürgens song in my ear. It´s funny because that intro and outro were taken from an actual short and since they cut several shorts together for that show and used that one as a framing device that particular one of course was never seen there.

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No, it’s included in one episode - but don’t ask me in which one. :slight_smile:

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At least I know I have seen it, might as well have been there. Though that would have felt weirdly meta.

Another special thing was the added commentary (from Jerry´s view) that was spoken completly in rhymes. They did they same for Pink Panther in germany. And I´m sure you know who spoke the rhymes there.

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A huge success was the German ending of Pink Panther:

The lyrics of that song were (and are) common sayings in Germany. :slight_smile:


That´s right the voice of James Bond and Captain Kirk. :slight_smile:

And the fucking NSU ruined it for all of us! :angry:

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I don’t get it - at the moment. :slight_smile: Can you give a hint? Or is it for Italians only?

No idea. I only know Calimero…is that even italian?

Calimero, with sombrero…

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And Signor Rossi? :slight_smile:

/edit: The German dub and the German name “Herr Rossie” were added later. The first episodes used the intro from the Italian one and the TV show had the name “Signor Rossi”.


Uh, I was quite sure that the music were used for another cartoon in Germany.
I’ll check again…

Here is Calimero, btw:


No, could be. But I don’t get it at the moment.

Oh yeah. We got so much from so many different countries.

Alfred J Kwak, Bluffers (Netherlands)
David The Gnome (Spain)
Racoons (Canada)
Ulysess 31 (French Canada)

I´m certainly forgetting something.

Here’s a catchy intro from a British show I used to watch as a young child. The strangest thing is, I don’t remember there being any French in it!


Don’t forget the east! :slight_smile: For example “Der kleine Maulwurf” (alias Mole in other countries).

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Was it an educational show?

Yes it’s Italian. It was created for a laundry detergent commercial.
This is one of the most recent:

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