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Horror films 👻


Great starting point! :+1:

I´ve got all of them and the good thing is you probably manage to see a couple of them on one night since they´re all a little over an hour long only.

Looks like you are well prepared for the :jack_o_lantern: season!


Picked it up from a second-hand shop. Also nabbed Freddy vs Jason because it was only £1.50 in a charity shop. And The Manchurian Candidate - not horror but it was BOGOF :laughing:

In the second-hand shop I also spotted a boxed Windows version of Curse of Monkey Island.


In related news this baby arrived on my doorstep today:


DVDs will not die a death yet!


The Mummy is great. Haven’t seen the others.


Yeah, no streaming service could supply me with anything of that at the moment.

Just my opinion but that colour version of Phantom Of The Opera is not really too great. The one to go for is certainly the silent version starring Lon Chaney (and maybe one of the most significant early jump scares in movie history?).


Btw, I liked Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man. Or in any case liked it a heck of a lot more than the Metascore of 24.

Hm, I wonder if we have any Hellraiser DVDs.

As far as I recall I didn’t really like that movie.


I´m actually gonna watch Heditary tomorrow night when it becomes available for rent on amazon. I have no idea how that one tweet of mine exploded like this, I didn´t even use any hashtags. :laughing:


I think you tapped into the Swear Trek following :wink:


It´s also the first time I got a like and reply from the account itself. I enjoy those gifs so much, they always feels so cathartic! :relieved:


I absolutely loved the film The Orphanage (2007).


Was excellent. :slight_smile:


Bride of Frankenstein is the best. I thought Dracula was so boring and disappointing. I’ve heard the spanish version they shot concurrently is great, but it’s hard to find a good copy.


“Spanish Dracula” is filmed better (tracking instead of static shots etc.) and suffered less censorship. Bela Lugosi is better though. I find Edward Van Sloane´s Van Helsing annoying. It´s definitly cheesy, I also prefer both Frankenstein films, but the same goes for the novels tbh.


A lot of people had said that to me. I’ll let you know when I finally get round to watching it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I think that’s why I was so disappointed, because I love what Bela Lugosi brought to the character, but the film couldn’t come close to matching that. I have yet to see a Dracula or vampire movie I love, even though I find the character extremely intriguing. My favs are probably George Romero’s Martin, and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu.


Martin is probably one of the few I haven´t seen. I also haven´t seen The Hunger and Near Dark though, so I guess I´m missing some classics of that genre, too.


I seem to watch Horror films every October. I watch a lot of 70’s horror because they’re often good scary stories without being gross. Films from the 60’s and earlier are often too tame to be scary, and 80’s horror is filled with slashing, so the 70’s are a nice sweet spot for horror IMO.

This year I watched:
Invasion of the body snatchers (1978) - snatched my approval (Young Jeff Goldblum and awesome ending)
Wicker Man (1973) - more of a mystery than horror, but still good
Basket Case (1982) - funny and scary B movie, cult classic, awesome
The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix series) - very well written (though a bit heavy handed at times). I like all they threads they wove together. One scene made me jump more than any other scene in any horror movie The car scene from ep. 8

I’m also a huge fan of the old Amicus horror anthology films from the 70’s, and there are many I haven’t seen yet so I’m looking forward to watching one of those this year

Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations

Agreed! I think that ending has stayed with me more than any other (in the horror genre anyway).


Carpenter´s The Fog is up there with it for me.