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Horror films 👻


Oh really? What else?


Only Lovers Left Alive, if not strictly a horror movie but vampires and you see a lot of Detroit.


Indeed, we don’t just ask and get candy. We have to sing for it. Like this:

Our lanterns are homemade. My proudest creation was probably this big gnome mushroom house. One of the later years I went with a sugar beet jack’o lantern, possibly inspired by some American movie pumpkin creation.

Dressing up and stuff is in another month.


They do in England. We bought loads of sweets last year then made a big faux pas and didn’t put a pumpkin out. Apparently that’s how they know your house is participating. No one came :sleepy:

I loved that film. A good example of less is more.


You…are…sad that you had all those sweet for yourself?

Who are you and what have you done to Kate?! :fearful:


That’s interesting about the pumpkins because all we need to do here is put our porch light on and kids will come.


That was my assumption, too! I guess it’s nice for e.g. elderly people who might not want to be bothered. I also can’t imagine anyone upholding the ‘trick’ part here, which kind of takes the fun out of it.


Over here it is really mostly the tricks now. Every year the police release a olea that Halloween isn´t a pass for vandalism.


I can’t speak for Europe, but I can for Italy. Halloween isn’t a tradition here. Only in the last years you can find themed sections in shops, or Halloween parties around. Knocking to strangers isn’t common, so people doesn’t expect to have unknown children coming for candies. Only recently, parents arrange with their neighbors, advising them their kids could come and knock. Usually in the same building. Children are not supposed to go around alone for treats, here.


Well, from a few years, kids of my town go around knocking doors of their block (followed from the distance by a few parents) asking for tricks or treat.
And if the visited has no candies, kids do no tricks, they simply say goodbye and change house.


It’s interesting how the trick 'r treat phenomenon has spread in recent years.


Same here. I think the trick thing is more of a myth.


Do parents follow their kids in their quest?


They do until a certain age. I went alone when I was 10, that was also the year my candy was stolen by older kids…


I never read this thread before because I don’t watch horror movies. I clicked it by accident and an OCD made me scroll quickly over it (still not reading most of the posts)…

What… wait… Jurassic Park, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest, Young Frankenstein are horror movies? Even the sixth sense?

OK, in that case:

  • the Omen (the original, with Gregory Peck)
  • the Others (with Nicole Kidman)
  • Trolljegeren (Troll Hunter in UK/US)
  • the Skeleton Key
  • Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

ok, that last one is just a horror to watch


That’s because we saw those movies BEFORE they tried to import that tradition (for purely commercial reasons).

We do have the go around knocking things on Nov 11, January 1 and January 6 - or all thee, depending on the region.


I’d say The Sixth Sense is horror (as well as paranormal, thriller, drama - but primarily horror). But yeah, Cuckoo’s Nest (thriller?) and Jurassic Park (drama?) are oddly placed. I’ll check when I get home but I’m guessing they just didn’t fit as well under the other categories.

You wouldn’t put those under horror?

I guess all this depends on how you define ‘horror’. I’m resisting looking up a dictionary definition but to me it means inciting fear and surprise, and usually portraying things that are out of the ordinary (or that manipulate our idea of what is ordinary).

I guess that crosses over with ‘paranormal’ but the difference to me is the lack of fear - weird situations without a heavy scare factor.


I´d call it a drama.

That one is more Sci Fi, but I certainly see many people argue it for Horror since it has many traits of a monster movie.

You should definitely check out Stephen King´s Danse Macabre where he argues what is horror to him and includes a list of recommended films from 1950 - 1980 with many surprising inclusions like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or Wait Until Dark.

Horror doesn´t have to have anything supernatural in it otherwise the movie Halloween wouldn´t be horror but on the other hand Lord Of The Rings has ghosts and monsters in it but is set in a world where that is considered normal.

It´s a complicated but interesting discussion actually.


And besides that between christmas and january 6 in bavaria and austria groups of people go around and dress up as specific monsters walking the streets at night (old pagan tradition).



I don’t think of it as scifi straight away, but I guess with the ‘biology’ aspect it is.

I think it really is a personal thing that varies a lot depending on your experiences of both film and real life, and also your general beliefs.

For example Chris Carter refuses to call The X-Files scifi (which I think I agree with).

I think he talks about that in On Writing too.

It is. We talked about it a lot as part of my course at uni.