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Horror films 👻


It´s one of the best horror comedies ever.

But not all Zombies come with googly eyes however…

Is that the one where Zombie Michael Jackson gets electrocuted?


That’s the one! Hilarious




Pictured: Me being curious about @PiecesOfKate’s thoughts on Dracula.


:film_strip: Dracula (1931)

I finally watched the second film (chronologically) in my blu ray set.

I enjoyed this one, but not as much as Frankenstein. I think that’s down to the fact that Bram Stoker’s novel is one of my favourite books, so it was always going to be hard to top in film format. The story is still there, but you lose all the feeling, intrigue and foreboding that the letters and journal entries convey in the text. It’s just not the same.

I also wasn’t that keen on Lugosi’s portrayal – I know it’s dated now, but his Dracula is so campy and a bit over-charming. The supporting characters were a bit more believable – especially Renfield who I thought was great (and more versatile than his Fritz in Frankenstein). Renfield’s carer, apparently channeling Dick van Dyke from Mary Poppins, was also hilarious – “they’re all cryyyyyzy!”

Favourite things:

  • any time Lugosi swishes his cape
  • the tottering bat
  • the fact that a lot of what’s going on is left to the imagination (you never see a neck being bitten from what I remember)
  • some of the lines are great, and delivered well: ‘the strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him’



Yeah, I think that is also the reason why Lovecraft doesn´t work well on the screen. It kinda has to feel like you are actually doing some research in old dusty documents yourself.

The original german silent Nosferatu works a lot better in that way, which might be a given for a silent movie.

He doesn´t even have fangs or transform into anything (except the bat, which you don´t see).

My favourite lines include:

  • I never drink…wine!
  • To be dead…really dead…must be glorious!

Or Renfields super believable:

“DRACUALA??!!! I never even HEARD the name!” :laughing:

I´m interested now what you think of the Chrisopher Lee version (which is even further from the novel, Harker visits the castle knowing Dracula is a vampire and with the intent to kill him for once!).

I think my favourite may really be Nosferatu, although it eliminates many characters (even changes all names including Dracula´s in the german version!) including Van Helsing, the mood and visuals are just perfect.

But I agree it was kind of this portrayal that started the whole emphasis of the vampire as a seducer that wasn´t as strong in the novel and Christopher Lee never liked for once (he thought he´s supposed to be a scary monster, and that´s how he played him).




I actually thought that was intentional to replicate how he says it :laughing:

Yeah I agree re Nosferatu - the atmosphere is much better - but I feel like the book is somewhere in between the two and I still prefer it if we’re comparing all media. I’m curious about the Christopher Lee version but doubt I’ll see it in a hurry.

With any of these films it’s so hard to see it as people would have at the time, because they’re such definitive tropes now. I guess with Dracula some people would know the book already (and the earlier films and plays) but not anywhere near to the extent of today.


As an aside that was the least disturbing picture of a “Vampire Koala” that Google provided me with!

The availability of the Hammer Studios films could be better in germany. I might be assuming that they are easy to get in the UK, but I´m not sure.

Would be interesting how the movie appeared to people who were familar with Lugosi´s stage performance of the character!

All those classic universal monster movies didn´t reach germany until the 1970s btw because the time they originally came out was…well let´s say not the best time for american movies to come out over here.


If it’s anything like my ‘zombie cat’ search… :grimacing: though that actually made me quite sad.

That’s interesting, hadn’t thought of that. They must’ve seemed pretty dated by then.


Goddamnit! No, it´s not as bad as that. I had never heard of that “Bart” before, actually!

More like this:


I couldn´t tell, but you be the judge when you see the Hammer movies. The Hammer movies reached germany BEFORE the universal ones so Christopher Lee might as well be the more iconic Dracula here.
The dubbing is pretty glaring though as the sound of the voices is much clearer than the rest of the sound.


I cannot unsee that.

I feel like he is here too. Don’t know though - that’d be an interesting survey!


Have you read the news about the mummy cats they found in egypt?

Bela Lugosi might be the most parodied one, which obviously is because it lends itself to it more because of it´s natural campiness.

I prefer Lee though because he still remains scary all those years later.


Nope. Is it SFPoK?


I would say yes, since I haven´t seen them unwrapped anywhere so far. I think they just showed them how they opened the tomb where they found the wrapped cat sized things inside.



I don’t think that would bother me, unless they’ve been hurt. I mean they are dead, so probably, but not visibly!


My article linked above is safe in that respect, but I just found an article that holds a theory you really wouldn´t like.


Yeah that’s what I was wondering. It is in the past though.


Yeah, it´s not like the people who did that are roaming the streets of London right now…


One of them ended up as a mummy in the egyptian museum who just happens to get resurrected TONIGHT! :eyes: