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Horror films 👻


Well pretty much everything else Michael Chricton wrote was straight sci fi and Jurrasic Park concerns a lot of science topics.

I think pretty much the only reason you said drama was of the way Spielberg filmed it and John Williams scored it. If you put the focus on John Hammonds personal feelings it feels like a drama. If you read the synopsis and hear it is about a theme park where people are trapped and get eaten by dinosaurs you´d say it´s horror.


I think it’s more the fact it was billed as a family film. Being Spielberg it’s more character-focused than you’d expect from that synopsis (and those are pretty typical, human characters).

And I mean that from an instinctive first impression perspective - not from analysing a film deeply and coming to a different conclusion. That’s kind of how genres work - it’s the initial, overriding feel.


True, but funnily enough I clearly remember one newscaster on the evening news over here (why they had it even on there I don´t remember) calling it “definitely not a movie suitable for children!”

Personally I never was really sure how to classify Jurrasic Park. I think it kinda defies many generic labels (or transcends them rather).



That’s terrifying


Oh lol, I saw that a million years (um, a little over a decade?) a go.

Hmm… it feels superficially “realistic” but the way he’s able to do everything he does in the movie and the ending in particular make him feel a lot like Henry Bowers — of course he wasn’t release until '86, so maybe it’s the other way around.


Since this has kind of become the Halloween thread…

First pumpkin ever! This is fun :grinning:


Yasss queen!


That’s amazing! :joy: I might play it out the window when the next lot turn up!


It was always horror / sci-fi to me, both genres belong together. I’m sure it was never filmed as a “family movie”, but perhaps marketing department thought otherwise. Take the science element away and It’s not much different from Jaws.


It has a much bigger focus on the child characters however than Jaws (where there is really only one scene, you know where they´re making faces) and that story arc where Alan Grant grows to like children.



The thing is, good sci-fi is also simply good X. I’m not sure if I’d call that transcending genres, but it suffices.

As far as I’m concerned, Alien is the best slasher movie ever made. You might argue it’s missing some vital tropes, but to me those tropes are the obnoxious part of the slasher genre. (E.g., promiscuity is punished, damsel in distress.) But Alien is also a top tier creature flick.

Besides that, I think that the popular definition of sci-fi leans a lot more toward the broader science-fantasy and/or the narrower (?) space sci-fi, so it’s hardly the marketing department’s fault that Jurassic Park doesn’t necessarily “feel” like sci-fi to some.


I watched Dracula (1979) last night and it was a total snooze-fest.

I think Night of the Living Dead Part II is my favorite horror film. It has so many ridiculous and quotable lines, but also scared the crap out of me as a kid.


Alien is not only a strong slasher in space (I think they even advertised it as Halloween in space) it is also very Lovecraftian.

Appearently the original intent was for Ripley and Dallas to have an affair, which is only hinted at in the final version.

The book is very heavy on the science aspect. Heavy enough that you´d consider it sci fi. It also reads more like a horror novel than the movie feels like a horror film. It really has a lot to do how Spielberg had changed as a director since Jaws I think. Ten or 15 years earlier the film might have had an entirely different tone.

Ugghh, that one was the first, yes! Still haven´t seen the Jack Palance one, can´t imagine that to be any better, though.

Not sure what you are refering to exactly? Do you mean Return Of The Living Dead?

That´s also one of my favourites of all time. So much fun!


They did? Hm, interesting.


Or at least Jaws in space, one of the two. Or maybe both. But I´m pretty sure they compared it to Halloween because that was even more recent.


It says here Jaws in Space. :slight_smile:

That nickname didn’t reach me decades later.


That’s gross but also looks comical like a muppet with the googly eyes.


Watched this little classic last night to cap off the scary movie season. :+1::+1:
Tales from the Crypt 1972


My bad, I meant Return of the Living Dead Part II.

:zombie: Oh, Linda… your brain smells so good… so RICH and spicy!