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How do I find arcade tokens?

So the arcade patch is here but I can’t for the life of me recall seeing arcade tokens anywhere in the game. Can anyone give me a hint as to where to look?

It’s an Easter Egg which leads to a puzzle. You have to find a new special object that was not there on previous versions.

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You can find them only if you play Normal mode (not Casual).
After a certain event, a new object appears in one of the location.
This object should enlight you for the next steps…



Avec quel personnage, et dans quel lieu il faut aller pour activer cette quête secrète ? J’ai terminé le jeu en mode difficile.

With what character, and in what place must we go to activate this secret quest ? I finished the game in difficult mode.


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Well, I would say that there are characters that can’t activate the secret quest, because they, for some reason, do not (or cannot) go to the place where they could get a special item. Once you’ve found this item, you can use it to help you in your path towards a hidden place, where you’ll find a nice surprise, if you are able to go deep into your reasearch eheheh. It’s a very nice Easter egg, and especially if you liked the old LucasFilm Games, it will be a nice surprise. Read between my lines… be curious.
You can get the tokens only in “mode difficile”, but once you got them, they will be available automatically in all your following new games.

If you really want to know, here’s the answer. These are spoilers, so read at your own risk:

Minor spoiler:

The puzzle is similar to one in The Secret Of Monkey Island, in which you have to use an item to navigate the catacombs. The same item is involved.

The difference is that at the end of the puzzle there is another secret item that you need. If you solve the initial puzzle, the item will be absolutely clear to you, and perhaps even where you find it.

Full-on spoiled solution:

In the Mansion Mansion there is a shovel. It’s Doug’s old shovel after he is awarded a new one in the will.

Then in the Occult Book Store there is a severed head. When you visit the scary woods with it in your inventory, the head will guide you to a secret location, turning his head to one direction or another.

Once you find the secret location, which you’ll recognize, use the shovel to dig the tokens up. “X” marks the spot.

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I spent 20+ minutes trying to write a hint that follows Ron’s guidelines…

Ask for and get hints about Thimbleweed Park. Please don’t post SPOILERS. Help people in a way that gets their mind thinking along the right path. Please indicate if you’re playing in Casual or Hard mode.

And you come out with those blurred direct spoilers… in practice what he could get on every walktrough online…

I’ve waisted twenty minutes of my life :expressionless::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry, but in his last message, he didn’t ask for hints or suggestions, but actually which character to use, which object must he find, and where to find it.

Perhaps he just wanted to play the arcade and not solve the puzzle.

I responded in kind because I myself have in the past been so frustrated with some puzzle that I just want the solution and be done with it. In such cases, it irritates me when people give hints and innuendos, when I in fact asked for a direct solution.

I blurred my solution and gave a fair warning, in case he really didn’t mean it.


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You will need a good head (no shoulders required )
can you dig it ?

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Fantastic! I was hoping I could get tokens. I hope you’re not pulling my leg people!

made my day if true.

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