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How to find the watch tools

Yesterday I managed to get the watch tools by following Riker to his room and I thought I saved the game before quitting, but today my latest save didn’t have the watch tools. I’ve tried to get the tools the same way today, but now I can’t ask Riker how the hamburger was to make him feel go to his room again. Don’t know if it’s a bug? Anyways, yesterday his room number was 901, but I just enter the room with Franklin there are no watch tools there. Is the room number randomized or is it always the same?

Are you sure that you don’t have them?

Have you checked the inventory of all playable characters?

Is it possible that you gave the tools to a non-playable character or that you already used the item in some way?

the room number is the same for each game, it doesn’t change when you load a previous saved game l.
It’s generated new randomly at every new game.
It looks like that you didn’t loaded the previous saved game, otherwise it could be bug.

Perhaps the save-game you loaded has no progress in that puzzle and you need to get the hamburger first.

Also, I think that the room is randomized at the moment the puzzle is executed – otherwise, you could brute force the solution, which I don’t think is possible.

Therefore, if for some reason your save-game has no progress at all on this puzzle, you won’t be able to get the tools until you follow Sexy Riker to his room the first time.

Go to the diner and see if you can get a hamburger. They won’t give you another if you already got it; so if Sandy gives you one, it means the puzzle hadn’t been started.


Problem solved: Willie had the watch tools. I got confused because I thought I was outside his cell when I saved the game, but when I loaded it I was somewhere else.

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