Stuck in the Sekrid room

Hope I’m not screwed here …

I entered the Sekrid Room as Delores without the strange tool - Ray has it. I can’t get out of the room to meet her - fan phone number is dead. Ray can’t get to Delores because the Certin Death guys are still on - I didn’t push the button on the way by.

I’m 11 1/2 hours in and REALLY don’t want to restart. I’m in Casual mode, BTW.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot to jog my memory?

Anyway, it is extremely unlikely you are really stuck and would have to restart all over again…

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Don’t do this to yourself! the joy is in the journey!

How did you get in there, then?

Does this mean you have reactivated the fan to cool the room down again?
Look around in this room!

:thinking: what do you mean by that?

After solving this puzzle the number goes out of service.

Indeed. I remember feeling stuck at that part too (or not being able to play around once more) - but here I am, finished it and forgotten most about that part of the game already!