I hate "hidden object" games but this one is remarkable

For me, hidden object games are one of the most uninteresting genres of games out there. For reasons that I don’t understand, the activity of spotting objects in a scene just makes me feel as a dumb zombie and it’s something that doesn’t stimulate the part of the brain that I would like to use when playing. I also consider the graphics of many hidden object games quite cheap…

…but this thing is in my Steam wishlist:

Do you play hidden object games?

This has been on my wishlist for a little while too. It reminds me of Where’s Wally? (Waldo in the US). Seems a little different to the usual hidden object games.

I have just learned from you that his real name is Wally and not Waldo, which is the one that I knew. :neutral_face:

Yes, the art style reminds me a bit of Wally/Waldo as well. The gameplay seems to be a “Wally on steroids”, because the objects and subjects to find can be hidden behind other objects.

In germany it´s “Walter”

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Where is Dildo?


Haha. Actually that sounds a bit like the TV series they did over here - I seem to remember that having animations in it. I remember pressing my face against the TV trying to find Wally/Waldo/Dildo during the timed puzzles.

I think his girlfriend was called Wanda in the UK. Or Wendy. I could look it up but that’s cheating.

Test your willpower and don´t look then…

Wilma, later Wenda


I´m sorry, I´m a bad boy…gonna go to bed without my supper… :cry:

It’s okay, that was just the sound of me trying not to look :wink: which I haven’t. Yet. It must be Wanda. I’m pretty sure it’s Wanda.

Wilma?! WTAF

Oh, my… that is a very cool game!

I do play them. They’re cool to relax but ain’t much of brain teasers, except for the puzzle mini-games.

I don’t typically play these kind of games, but I just purchased Hidden Folks for my iPad and my wife and I started playing (on different iPads simultaneously). We love it! It’s very well done and very, very funny. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting it. :+1:


OMG I just had the greatest game idea.

Little Cellphone People™ it´s like Little Computer People but ON YOUR PHONE!!!

And this folks, is the reason I´m not rich.

Hidden Folks is a great game, even on a small iPhone 5s screen. The first time I played it, I rushed trough it within a few days. My second playthrough takes already longer. I still recommend it. However, I can imagine it must be more fun on an iPad.

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It is a lovely game and it is great on the iPad. It feels like it was made for it. :slight_smile:

I’m already in the Big City, having found every single item on all previous levels, so far. I love it! :heart_eyes:

I don’t like “hidden object” games, but Hidden Folks is something else! I highly recommend it.


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Hooray, it’s out on Android :smiley:


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Found him!

@topic No, don’t play any hidden object games. Not enough story for me, I need classic adventures.