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I want to try some newish game with graphics


@Gffp @kaiman Performance in Rime in HD on high seems to be mostly acceptable so far, but with occasional mildly bothersome framedrops. That game is giving the CPU and GPU a significantly bigger workout than Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But much worse than that, I’m getting the impression that it’s just using up all the resources it can get its hands on all the time, even in subdued areas.

My one-line summary some 15 minutes in is that it reminds me of POP 2008 except that so far it’s worse in every way. :slight_smile:

For example, I just went up to a corner of the level and the camera suddenly went Resident Evil on me, dooming me to accidentally fall off the level.

The graphics aren’t bad at all, but by contrast POP 2008 in UHD is absolutely stunning (plus it already ran that way just fine on the R9 270X).

The controls are a bit stiff. I realize I’m supposed to be dazed and confused, so we’ll see how that progresses. It’s also been a long time since I’ve experienced such awkward camera controls, and messing with the sensitivity setting doesn’t really help. To make matters worse, the default is reasonable for the mouse, but since there isn’t a dedicated controller sensitivity setting it’s either oddly fast on the mouse or awkwardly slow on the stick.

The audio design is probably about on par with POP 2008, which means it’s excellent, but Shadow of the Tomb Raider had such utterly amazing audio (as an optional setting) that I’m a bit spoiled now, so I’ll have to downgrade the audio rating to merely good.

PS While I was typing this I had the game open in the background and apparently it turned night in the meantime. That’s kind of cool. Note that the changes between light and dark in POP 2008 were breathtaking.

PPS Then there are some tangential annoyances, like that the game can’t render in 1080p without changing the resolution of my screen like just about any game post-2010ish can. (Or perhaps more to the point in this case, any Unreal Engine 3 or 4 game.) It feels like the modern-day equivalent of some of those awkward console ports from the early 2000s, salvaged mainly by the fact that my PC is so grossly overpowered compared to the consoles it was originally made for. NB I don’t know if it is a console port; I’m just saying that’s how it comes across.


Fancy seeing you again.


I agree with you, it’s the same impression from me and some other reviewers I’ve read.

Camera seems a little bit awkward at first, but then I got used to that and worked fine.

Matter of tastes :slight_smile: . I had a brief look to Prince of Persia 2008, and in comparison I find RiME graphical characterization more near my tastes. Note that I don’t judge graphics by means of how much it emulates reality, but how it creates a coherent depiction of a fantastic environment, and how art is able of conveying a significance in evocative shapes. You’ll see that more and more you get into the game. Use of light is absolutely stunning, and there’s a research on mediterranean lights and colors that is incredible and talks to my mind immediately. The succession of day and night with the relative gradual change in colors is a joy for the eyes. OST music, varying in the context of the action is another great characterization.


Now on a completely different subject:

If you had to buy a new disk for an existing great computer (used for design and 3D modeling) what would you buy? A HDD drive (for stability and security of files) + a SSD for the heavy programs to be quickly launched, or just one or two big SSD to handle everything there?


One of the bigger flaws with modern Tomb Raider is how you randomly can’t hang on to certain ledges that you obviously should be able to hang onto. Rime dutifully implements that modern annoyance. But much worse, there are random ledges that you shouldn’t be able to hang onto as far as I’m concerned, that randomly come with a white stripe so you can.

The game is adding more inferior versions of Prince of Persia gameplay elements as we go along, with some awkward Tomb Raider 2-style box dragging for good measure.

But! I came across one puzzle that wasn’t overly simplistic yet. At some point you can pick up an orb and I have no idea what one might do with it.

Oh, also the swimming is quite elegant. Much more elegant than the rest of the controls, somehow.

POP 2008’s fantastic environment with evocative shapes is precisely why it was decried by the reality crowd. It was a stark departure from its predecessors. :slight_smile:

Depends on how much money you want to spend and what the purpose is. For my personal use I’d buy just one sufficiently large SSD (at least 500 GB, or probably simply 1 TB in 2018) and one biggish HDD (at least 2 TB) later if it turned out the SSD were too small. But if it were a professional matter I’d definitely consider going full SSD, probably one NVMe (OS, programs) and one cheaper SATA (data).

Data safety is something you can investigate per model, but not really an HDD vs SSD thing post-2010 imho.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I finally managed to spot what I hope was an autosaving logo in the top right. I definitely don’t appreciate this lack of clarity.

There was a small little climbing puzzle that was quite similar in basic principle to one of the rare main storyline tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In some ways the Tomb Raider tomb was more fun (and Lara sure is a heck of a lot nicer to control without “die mofo” Resident Evil camera locks where directions aren’t kept the way they should be), but at the same time it didn’t overstay its welcome and when the TR tomb added a third level of a variation to the same puzzle it seemed like a bit much, so it was nice that Rime kept it to two.

Btw, that really did remind me an awful lot of stuff like this in gameplay and graphics like I already said:


That’s the one thing that irritated me as well. Either the levels should have been designed in a way that avoided switching the camera angle, or barring that, controls should just have stayed the same, regardless of angle. A missed opportunity of giving the game a more polished appearance.


The camera angles would be okay in principle, although annoying when I wanted to look out of the tower window and all I could see was the wall, but the fact that you’re walking in one direction on a bridge and suddenly you’re plunging to your death because the camera decided you should die is AVGN territory for sure.

Didn’t Alone in the Dark already do that correctly? But I know that when I tried Resident Evil, camera angles killed me more than once. Run, run! Camera angle switches, keep the same direction pressed but the camera change means that suddenly I’m running straight into the zombie’s loving embrace…

Iirc the original Grim Fandango didn’t do it correctly either, which has to be at least part of the reason some found it frustrating.


Well, I couldn’t follow half of what you guys were discussing before
(Except I’ve seen Rime is on sale in a bundle for less than 1€ Per game now on fanatical), but I am 100% sure the original Grim Fandango did not suffer of that, because … tank controls!
Only if you’d play the remastered or the modded versions, you get the camera relative modes- which is horrible indeed. But not the way it is meant to be played; the original only had tank controls (much to the dislike of a lot of then-current-gen gamers)


I must be thinking of it in reverse then, unless I’m completely mixing stuff up. They probably implemented tank controls to avoid the problem, even though the solution is as simple as just keeping the original direction while you’re still walking.

The your head looks at stuff to interact with mechanic could occasionally be slightly annoying, but that’s something else still.


I can add another weird technical issue to the “I always thought Unreal Engine gave you this for free” type issues. You can’t seem to switch soundcards on the fly in Rime. You can do it in Windows, the way one does, but unlike other games where it just works you’ll need to restart.

This adds to the overall late '90s/early 2000s feel.

PS I think them together is a first.

Edit: whoa whoa whoa, this is suddenly so disorienting! The camera shift and lock didn’t affect the walking direction here!

Edit 2: never mind, it was a fake. Suddenly straight up is NE. It only seemed that way compared to the direction I was already walking in, but they still messed it up. The way it’s supposed to work is that because up has turned into NE up should remain up until such time as I let go, after which up should be up again. In 1992 this may or may not have been acceptable because the proper way hadn’t been invented yet; I’d have to check Alone in the Dark. In 2017 it’s not.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Alone in the Dark were like Maniac Mansion though, doing things correctly that were somehow still commonly implemented incorrectly throughout the '90s.


A few years before that, we were fiddling with IRQ/DMA settings to get any sound at all.


Oh, I have, at least somewhat, on the ol’ Pentium.


(I remember a time when it seemed like you were legally obliged to play that sound whenever someone said that word!)


I think I’ll give up on Rime. Occasionally it looks reasonably nice, but much of the time the game is now bland. It has always been boring, so this removes its only real attraction besides the mostly adequate sound design. The camera often remains god forsakenly awful, and the “gameplay” has gone completely down the drain now when being forced to actually use the terrible controls, except while swimming which is somehow significantly higher quality than the rest of the game. (But now also mostly bland.)

It seemed like a kind of exploration puzzle game at first, but my earliest comments that it was a lot like an inferior version of Prince of Persia (or Tomb Raider) in every way was actually also a prediction of the worst sort. Then there’s some companion cube stuff thrown in for good measure.

5+ hours, I have no desire to finish. It has become a monotonous drag that’s just boring. The “puzzles” are busywork and it’s no fun as an exploration game either.

PS My guess with all the murals about seafaring, the shipwrecks and all the diving that at least added some diversity, this kid probably died at sea or something and this game is basically the blander 3D version of Limbo.


This was to be expected …

Did I mention Beat Saber already?
You’ve played play The Witness?
A game your gfx card can handle, but maybe your mind can’t.


Sorry, far too many pixels.


This wasn’t to be expected …

Maybe this one can please your lust for large pixels.


Btw. there also is a nice little adventure.