I want to try some newish game with graphics

(Pictured underneath my old one.)

Now, what should I try it with?

PS @Sushi Want to buy a used R9 270X? :wink:

No thanks. I’m in the market for a cheap VHS player, though.

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I guess pretty much everything came out after the first text adventures like Zork will fit.


I thought exactly the same, but didn’t want to make the joke.

Sorry, my last VHS player broke over a decade ago. I think my wife might still have a working specimen at her mom’s place in the US.

True. I want to finish Costume Quest II, but that already ran in UHD on the R9 270X. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ran suboptimally, but I already finished it with toned down settings (still looked decent enough; the game itself seemed less well-endowed than its predecessor in the tomb raiding aspects though).

The GPU came with two free upcoming games to play with it too: Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 or Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. But those won’t be out for a few months yet.

It occurs to me that I’ve got that free game from Blizzard, but I’d have to plug in another HDD to fit those hundreds of GBs and I don’t really want to.

Still workin fine and not giving it away!


I’ve a very similar device as @milanfahrnholz. I remember I was stunned when I saw it costed probably less than fifty euros in the early 2000, since the previous one was considered a super-technologic device by kid-me. I think you will easily find a cheap used one, the risk is the condition of the device, that you cannot spot without testing.

I recently returned to play a non-point and click adventure game since years. I followed the suggestion by @sushi (I seem to remember) and I bought an Humble Bundle which included Rime together with Full Throttle and Burly Men at Sea.
My laptop, the best computer I have which dates back from 2014 and serves my purposes quite well, equipped with a GeForce with 2 GB of memory, was able to run graphics for Rime with an average of 10 frames per second. It was a game in the game to try a sufficiently low setting to make it at least not a stop-motion experience. Anyway the game is good, loved the art, colors, and the significance of the story, which is touching and well written, despite the puzzles sometimes seem to pay too much homage to tradition being less in harmony with context. Puzzles and experience have something in common with Tomb Raider, which you seemed to like. Maybe you could give it a try, and be sure it will make huge use of your new purchase!

I also immediately thought of RIME. It if is a recent graphics card, slow framerates may be due to overheating.
The other demanding game I can think of is Crash Bandicoot
Unlike the console versions, it is not capped to 30 fps.

Maybe you could get yourself some VR googles and Beat Saber. This is a satisfying and new experience, if you aren’ familiar with VR yet. But beware, for mid to high end VR you need beefy GPUs.

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I saw that for PSVR. Sounds interesting. I always like it when they do something creative with the move controllers.

The game is brilliant, it has simple mechanics but it’s polished to a degree, that it’s just insane fun.

[After some practice you might even look cool but in the beginning you’ll most probably look like a fool, which is fun for those who are watching you playing. Inside, it feels good right from the start. It’s already fun to just cross the light sabers and let the blades glide along each other.]

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You didn’t think that title was an accident, did you? :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll give it a go. GOG gave it away for free a while ago so it’s downloading as we speak.

Nah. :slight_smile:

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Same in UHD with ultra. UHD in high seems to be alright though, as does HD in ultra. Over 30 fps anyway. (I’m not one of those 60 fps fetishists, but since I’m not an AA fetishist either I’d have to play around with it a little to see what I prefer in quality vs performance.)

And yeah, that looks quite good!

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Maybe you could get someone, getting you some VR goggles.

Some of the reviewers, besides blaming the graphical optimization (both on PC and Nintendo Switch), wrote that the game seemed to be built for Ati cards rather than nVidia cards. I’m quite curious to know what kind of game experience in terms of fluidity you managed to obtain with your new card. As I said before, it was a game in the game for me to set the graphical settings, even if a frustrating one! :stuck_out_tongue:
The central “square” of the isle of the first chapter is the place where frame rate dropped down dramatically for the first time on my machine.

Odd. I ran the game using wine on Linux, and thought it was running pretty good considering those circumstances and my lowly GTX950. Though I obviously did not max the settings :slight_smile:. One should assume that would be possible with @Frenzie’s new card.

If we talk about games like RIME, how about Firewatch? It has graphics too, and they are pretty atmospheric at that. Other suggestions I have not played myself might be The Witness or The Talos Principle.

At any rate, I would not count either as a game with top-notch graphics (in the sense of being ultra-realistic or full of fancy effects or generally awe-inspiring.) Games with graphics that would fit that category (and would warrant a better video card) are usually accompanied by gameplay that isn’t my thing.

You have also to consider that my GT 630 is a basic nVidia card compared to the GTX ones, even if equipped with 2 GB of memory. What surprised me is how much the game relied almost exclusively on GPU (in October I bought additional 4 GBytes of RAM for the CPU - that I already wanted to buy - but I noticed no differences). But that’s probably due to the fact that it’s more than a decade since I played my last “newish” 3D game with graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider runs at ~55 fps with drops to 45ish on ultra (in HD).

Well, the R9 270X is sufficiently slow to have to lower the settings for games like Dreamfall: Chapters and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter quite a bit, and actually the Batman Telltale game doesn’t run that well either. Shadow of the Tomb Raider combined with a decent offer is what convinced me to take the plunge now.

I never really got started on episode 2 of Batman I don’t think? I’m bad at those episodic games unless the eps are already out. In any case, I played that in 720p. Which is perfectly fine, don’t get me wrong, but from my perspective it’s definitely not the case that only games like Assassin’s Boredom and A Couple of Weeks would benefit. I also want to play Syberia 3 in full glory.

PS Should I want to, but probably not, I might be able to replay Shadow Tactics in UHD now.

For games it’s a matter of convenience (not having to close things down) but for compiling a few things you can easily rake up 16+ GB.

I have a fairly decent computer with two attachments to make it more suitable for gaming: a dedicated GPU, that also helps with encoding/decoding video, and an Xbox One controller. A “gamer” would consider my system horribly unbalanced and overall stupid.

Edit: btw, this is a useful webpage GPU Benchmarks Hierarchy 2021 - Graphics Card Rankings | Tom's Hardware

I thought it was roughly in the same league as my GTX950 (and Tom’s Hardware seems to confirm that). Of course, not the kind of GPU to use with high screen resolutions.

A gamer would pity me for my system :slight_smile:. I usually spend around €600 to €700 on upgrades, the last of which was 2015. Those include Mainboard, CPU, GPU and RAM (and on that occasion also an SSD and a bigger HDD). The previous upgrade before that had been 2008. Every now and then I am tempted to buy stuff between large upgrades, but so far I did not find a true need for that. (I did get a new PSU last year, as the old one started making funny noises, though).

Roughly, but the GTX 950 is a fair bit better for games. It competes more directly with the R7 370 and the RX 460. Also because it’s newer it does hardware H.265 decoding, which is nice. But also, it is perfectly fine with high resolutions! Most interesting games run quite well in 2160p, not to mention most things that are slightly older, and otherwise 1080p or 720p.

My computer cost me € 450 (CPU+motherboard+RAM); I suppose you could up that to € 680 if you include this new GPU, though I think of that more as “the game system add-on.” The old one cost me € 90 back in '14. I bought that so I could drive my current UHD display.

I buy some other stuff occasionally but that’s almost completely decoupled from the CPU+motherboard+RAM. Back in '13 I bought a 2 TB HDD, and my two SSDs are older than that. My case is from '07. My Das Keyboard from '10, good as new. My trackball from '08. My monitor from '15.

I had to buy my current PSU in '10 as well because my old one broke down. I also splurged € 11,50 on a Windows 10 license for playing some Windows-only games. I’d been using the same XP license since '04, but didn’t have a working Windows install for a few years after I upgraded to Debian in '11. I’m not overly satisfied with the system, but for € 11,50 it’s not too bad I suppose.

Right now Windows is pretty much forcing me to buy a new SSD. Even though I’m using an older HDD to install my games on, it’s somehow always filling up the 128 GB SSD for the OS. I have another 256 GB SSD that I’m using for Linux, but I can’t fit my programming projects back in 128 GB. So I’ll have to get something like a 1 TB SSD for Linux (plus then I can properly store my Docker images, VMs, etc. without putting them in HDD space), stick Windows on that 256 GB SSD and pray that it’s enough.

And yeah, I already deleted some 40 GB of Windows backup files so I’m now back to a “comfy” 38.4 GB free.

Meanwhile I can fit a fully decked out Linux install with all the TeX Live fixin’s in some 15 GB. >_> I mean, I use hundreds of GBs but that’s me. Windows just fills it all up behind my back.

Edit: and yeah, I have an old 320 GB HDD lying around that I decommissioned due to being a decade old, but running Windows 10 from that would be unbearably slow. It might be acceptable from my '13 2 TB HDD which is remarkably fast, at least compared to my '07 HDD, but I’m not sacrificing that to Windows. Not even a single byte. :slight_smile:

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