(Illegal?) Thimbleweed Park immaterial game selling

Better watch out for people trying to exploit your math skills…


Not if you can resell it multiple times. :blush:
I use the same Steam account in my iMac, my PC, my MacBook. But I haven’t paid 3 times for the games. That means i could have gained at least 2 times the sum spent for each game if I managed to resell it to other people, still keeping a copy for myself. But it could be more, I don’t know what is (if there is) the maximum number of devices you can use with the same steam account.

DISCLAIMER: this behavior is illegal, don’t do this at home.

Seems to be quite a common pastime, here… :blush:

This place is full of people who are seriously into computers, so this shouldn´t be a surprise. :wink:

Actually I’ve always thought that using computers unteaches you maths, or at least the ability of calculating with your mind.

If anyone tries this, hopefully, the first buyer changes his password and email address of that account immediately.

Makes sense, yes.

I shouldn´t be talking, the only thing I´m worse at than math is conversation…so…eh…bleh…

This is a good point. But why being so selfish? :smiley: A software pirate shares…


I agree about the ability of doing calculations but depending on how you use a computer, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to improve your understanding of math and your ability to find clever solutions to a problem or nifty algorithms that are based on math.

I agree. That was just a joke and an excuse to introduce that Asimov’s quote

Very true. Just yesterday I learned about the Intersecting Chords Theorem precisely because I needed a way to figure out the center point of a circle of unknown size. Prior to yesterday, I was aware that chords existed, but never had any reason to use them to solve a problem. Trying to develop a calibration function gave me a reason to learn about chords in the first place, and computers also made it possible to visualize the math and start working on a solution. I’ve also been learning about vector math for very similar reasons.