I'm Jumping Ship

You can’t use the forum, that’s right. But it will be still around. And I like the idea (somehow) … :slight_smile:

You mean like we´ll be having a common legacy or something like that? :open_mouth:

To be honest, we have occupied this forum already. We have discussed all things one can discuss about TWP. Left are some crazy guys and girls who seem to have a lot in common and like to chat about everything. And I love that. :slight_smile:

Yep. :slight_smile:


Since obviously I´ve made some great friendships myself here, I know what you´re talking about and I feel the same way.

I´m just not sure if we´ll still be necessarily doing that here years from now.

I’m hoping that when Ron & Co. get their next game out (soonTM), this forum will be re-named Terrible Toybox and TWP will become a sub-branch of it. Wishful thinking eh?


Yeah, but if that would happen you can count on me being here and annyoing the crap out of everybody like usual. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to it already! :smile:

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We have done it for years already. :wink: But sure, I don’t have a :crystal_ball:.

Same here! :smiley:

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This forum and the game will have new life once the Italian dubbing is complete.

That means by early 2022 probably :stuck_out_tongue:


But what if it days in the time between?

Zombie Forum? :zombie:

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Well, I proposed a TWP Game Jam :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see the harm if people are still having fun here. I don’t think the devs have much involvement, but the fact that you asked a question and actually got an answer from Ron Gilbert seems worth the price of admission to me. Sure some weirdos will go off topic, but that’s just par for the course on the internet. As opposed to the average forum/comments section I’ve found the users to almost always be respectful, intelligent, and funny… and worthy of wasting all of my free time. :slight_smile:
Best of luck to you and your game development!

Yes, and its things like your fan podcast and the Thimbleweed RPG that have kept this forum interesting… long past when we’ve all finished playing TWP and there’s only so many times you can beat a :skull_and_crossbones: :horse_racing:


Well, we slowed down the operations, but not so much :joy::joy:


A lot of you make valid points. I’ve come here late in the day. I got TWP less than 2 weeks ago whereas you guys were onboard from the off, I wish I was. I had issues in my life that stopped me from joining the KS at the time (I lost my home),

I’ve got an idea, what if we discussed our dream projects - games we w

ould love to see. Personally a sequel to the British graphic adventure classic B.A.S.S would be awesome.

If I were to suggest a game for Ron, I would love to see him do a Pirate graphic adventure but fill it with different characters. Throw in a bunch of what would have been in MI 3 say, but just change each character to one that was similar but not the same. He could do that! without issues because the new IP would be his from the get-go as long as he didn’t use anything specifically MI he could effectively do anything he wanted.

You could have a new guybrush type character you could have a nemesis like Le Chuck but looks a bit different I mean how many films have ripped of Treasure Island and other influences. I am sure I read somewhere that they were influenced by On Stranger Tides (excellent read by the way), a whole new pirate graphic adventure would be good.

Or a graphic adventure about a Wizard, I think there is something special about Wizardry and Pirates as themes for me. I grew up watching Pirate things and reading stories about Pirates.

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I’d love to see more from the Thimbleweed Park universe, I think it has huge potential. In particular I would like to see the connection with Maniac Mansion expanded (there are few references in TWP). That would be a sort of dream project for me.

I get the feeling that we might not see anything pirate related from Ron. I can see the internet mob cursing because it’s about pirates but it’s not monkey island…

People keep joking that they´d rather see a bootleg version than nothing. You know The Secret of Inky Mowland or something. But I bet they´d hate it.

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I wasn’t meaning a bootlet. I meant a new graphic adventure featuring funny pirate antics just without the legal issues associated with the MI ip. And if we are talking titles, I was working on a graphic adventure for the Amiga in the mid 90s, The Monkey of Secret Island. :wink:

Never finished it, but I think any graphic adventure with Pirates and Humour would be ace.

Like this?



but… is it good? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s Ok. And from Bill Tiller.