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IMPORTANT: How do you hang your toilet paper? (Poll)


NOOO, that’s not how it works!!

If person A wants to stab people and so that person stabs people, but person B doesn’t want to stab people and no one forces that person to stab people, it’s still not OK to stab people!


From an aesthetic choice straight to murder…what went wrong in your three headed monkey childhood? :thinking:


The answer’s in the question. It all came from Monkey Island…


Firstly it’s a hygienic choice, and secondly it’s IMHO completely reasonable to compare toilet paper hanging under with murder :man_shrugging:


What reasonable penalty do you have in mind, then?


I’m a moderate person and don’t believe in using death penalty to correct people’s behaviour.
Everything else seems appropriate though.

And since we are already in there


Maybe instead of hanging somebody because they hung their toilet paper the wrong way the appropriate penalty might be to do the same to them and just hang them the wrong way too!


Hm. This sounds like too much fun and doesn’t fulfil the offence of torture. Rejected.

Also: Here is a colour corrected version:



But isn´t that a bit contradicting? That´s not exactly a pleasent feeling, you know. Although maybe still not enough for an offense akin to murder…

Also Fun Fact: That has to be at least the third Tarot Card I posted on here. I don´t know much about them, but they really seem to work for many situations! :grin:


That’s what she said! [Madame Morena]


TBF I wouldn´t mind having a few :mushroom::mushroom: with her. Just for study of course!


I think this should have gone here…

Also: Some great set design in this SNL skit, though they messed up just one little but important thing which would have made this an actually disgusting toilet:


I just read a news article about the TP (not Thimbleweed Park) patent, and how it stated the roll should be placed. It’s no news to us, as we’ve seen it. But I also read an related article, which was about the most hygienic way to hang the roll. Guess which one was correct? Over!
This way it’s less likely to touch the rest of the roll, and smaller area of the the paper touches the wall, which is filled with microbes.


And especially it’s always the same area, so it stays rather clean there.