Essential Christmas Viewing

I never get tired of this film. What are some of your holiday favs?
A Christmas Carol

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Mostarda is one of my Holiday favs. Tonight I had it for the first time in season :yum:

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Since christmas is the time of the year I´ve increasly becomming more depressd than usually during the year now, I would say something that fits the mood.

So, Bad Santa with Billie Bob Thornton maybe?

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Ah, I was wondering if that post belonged in here :slightly_smiling_face:

I tend to agree. Not seen that one yet though. Fargo spoiler! But I need to get my fix of Thornton somewhere now!

You too, eh? Thankfully I had a lil :fairy: alerting me to the misplacement!

I´m guessing you´d love Bad Santa. But I´m not sure how much of a spoiler that´d be since almost no characters re-appear in later seasons.

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Some people wouldn’t know that, including me.

You didn´t know it was an anthology show?

No, I purposely hadn’t read much about it at all.

Oh okay. Well all the more surprises in the following two seasons then(including who will be the main characters of the other stories)!

Well I can probably work some of that out now. Doesn’t matter, I could’ve read those things anywhere I guess. I’m just very particular about spoilers!

Don´t worry, this in no way will tell you anything about who dies and who lives. They all take place at different times so sometimes characters appear as their younger selves in other seasons etc. it is really unpredictable enough like that so you wouldn´t know much of anything going into the next seasons (and also some actors might in fact re-appear I actually can´t remember that right now).

Meh, shhh! << doesn’t like any kind of spoilers!

Okay, sorry! :zipper_mouth_face:

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“ooh, you’re an ANGRY elf!”

I wonder if Die Hard holds up… haven’t seen that since I was a kid.

That’s interesting, though it seems more appropriate for holiday chewing than holiday viewing :wink:

Favorite of mine too. It’s a Wonderful Life is another featuring a suicidal main character.

Oh. I didn’t get the meaning of the thread title. I’d say Trading Places, then.

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:laughing: Are you even Italian if you don’t think Trading Places is THE essential viewing for Chritsmas?

For me, it’s whatever Disney classic, preferably one from the Renaissance era. I spent my childhood watching those movies every Christmas and still get a warm feeling whenever my daughters watch one and the blue screen with Sleeping Beauty castle logo comes on screen with its jingle.

You must have read “essential christmas CHEWING”.

Yes. Anything with this guy:

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