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In Memory [Obituary Thread]


It really is.

A close friend of ours attempted it but thankfully didn’t succeed. But I think even if you don’t know someone well it’s still just so profoundly shocking. It frightens me because I’m all too familiar with depression and it’s scary how easily it can escalate to that.

I guess we should try and remember what a great guy he was instead of focusing on the sadness. I intend to do that once I’m over the shock…


And all that now that people talk a lot about it again due to current events.

I always say. Chances are you know someone, you just aren´t able to tell because it doesn´t look the way you imagine it does. So talk to the people you know always be nice and show some understanding. Also allow them to retreat when they´d rather do so, don´t bug them too hard either.

And if you are affected. Know that people wanna talk to you. Even if you don´t feel talking about the issue itself, it helps a great deal talking about other things to take your mind off an feel valued again by other people. That can really help. I know what I´m talking about.


Yep. I think lots of people in that situation can’t reach out. Which is why keeping an open line of communication with them is so important.


Jon Hiseman one of the most amazing drummers of all time and head of Colossseum and Colosseum 2 (and less known featured on the original version of Cats!) laid his sticks down for good at 73 years of age today.

I was lucky enough to catch his sticks at a gig once and have a chat with him on two occasions. What a nice chap and gifted player the british blues/jazz/rock scene has lost in him!

Watch him play with 3 sticks at a time!




All that playboy stuff. When you dig you find all kinds of horrible.



Was just about to post this!


Oh no :frowning: She was something else. I still listen to her music regularly.


I saw her perform live on TV when she sang for Barack Obama´s inaugoration.


Only two months after her “husband” Matt… :cry:




Kofi Annan


It’s beatiful that you remember a politician. Did he make good things for your country?
In the western world there’s a deep disaffection to politics and politicians.


Yes he did the greatest things for India… Bringing roads with a new tech… Bringing mobile phones into the country… Solving issues between India and Pakistan… Etc…


Most Germans know him, the older ones his legendary TV show too:


I know him, though I can’t quite place what from. Could be politics, could be Tatort, could be something completely different. But not from Hitparades prior to my birth I imagine.


He was a host of several big TV shows in the 1970s and the 1980s. The “ZDF Hitparade” was the most famous one. In this show several musicians sang their song and after that the viewers could vote for the best song. Dieter Thomas Heck could speak very fast. He used that ability to read the credits at the end of the show (like in the video I posted above). Among others he was also the host of the German version of “The $10,000 Pyramid”.

And he worked sometimes as an actor. One of his greatest roles was in “Das Millionenspiel”, a legendary German TV movie.