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In Memory [Obituary Thread]


A republican that said: “I don’t want Donald Trump at my funeral”
He said it all.

RIP John McCain.


He was also in most every other sense one of the more decent ones.


Happy birthday, Freddie.


Would have been 72.


I spent the last week listening to everything Queen produced, and I couldn’t help but think “what gems did we miss in these 30 years?”. How would have their music evolved through the 90’s, the 00’s and the 10’s? That makes me sad.


By comparing to the dwindling output of other bands that have been going for 25+ years, I don’t think there would have been a lot of records after that anyway (and we did get Made in Heaven- so the 90s are kind of covered).
I guess we have missed a follow-up duet with Matt Belamy (Muse) in 2010. RIP David Bowie, too.


I don’t know, if you look at Rush, they still produced quite a few albums, despite the fact that they’re obviously grilled the drummer took a long pause after his wife’s and daughter’s death. Focus too, they skipped the 90’s but then published four new albums (and a fifth to come soon!).

Does Made In Heaven really count? I mean, it’s been published in 1995, but the melodies were recorded (obviously, duh) before Freddie’s death, so there has been less influence. Who knows. Anyway, I’d still trade everything for a parallel universe where Freddie didn’t get sick.


Sushi has a point though. By the time Grunge came around many bands of that era slowed down significantly. Most had their last hurrah at around 1992 or 1993 and then didn´t put out much of anything for ten years or more. Genesis did their last two albums in the 90s, Peter Gabriel did his last for ten years in 1992, Robert Plant and Phil Collins put out their last major solo albums for ten years in 1993, Pink Floyd in 1994. A notable exception I can think of would be Deep Purple who came back with an excellent album in 1996.

Made In Heaven probably doesn´t really count because most of those were either covers of older songs by the individual members and obviously Freddie´s final contribution was in 1991. So most of the album doesn´t really sound contemporary except maybe the euro dance sounding You Don´t Fool Me, which consequently was a minor hit in 1996.

It is really hard to say, but giving the tensions there were in the early 80s between the members they might even have split up for a while. We hadn´t gotten the Barcelona album (which obviously must have been a bucket list item for Freddie since it was the very first thing he did after he got his diagnosis) and certainly we would have gotten other albums than The Miracle and Innuendo because obviously their somber tone was very much informed by the mood within the band and Freddie´s own personal feelings.

So we got what we got and there might not have been much after that. Maybe more Freddie Mercury Solo albums, who knows?


You can ask this with every composer/musician. For example it would be interesting to see (and hear) how Beethoven would compose today.

Regarding Queen: I agree with @milanfahrnholz and @Sushi. Freddy was much into Opera and classic tunes. I would assume that he would have done more solo projects in that direction.

But all these bands and musicians haven’t changed their style. For example U2 still sound like the U2 in the 80s and 90s.


Well, there’s one single thing about Queen we can all* agree on: they don’t have “one style”. There are no two Queen albums that sound the same. There are some chord progressions or some guitar tones that are typical Queen-ish, but their style is extremely broad and changed drastically throughout the years.

*except for an ex-colleague of mine, that dared to say “Queen songs are all the same”.


Hm… well, I agree that the songs sound (very) different, but one can recognize a queen song if you hear it. And if you listen to the solo albums of Freddy and Brian, you can hear the influence of their style to the Queen songs. So I’m a little bit skeptic that the overall “style” of Queen would have changed during the 90s.





I read it some minutes ago. :frowning:


My eyes! :see_no_evil:

Spoiler that picture next time, man. I can’t unsee it! :joy:



In honor of Freddy Mercury’s birthday this week I would like to post one of my favorite clips:

one dump
one turd

John Deacon


3-4 years ago I stood in front of the door of the studios where they recorded that. Too bad there isn´t even a sign comemmorating that, they should really offer tours down there or something.


Munich? Cool :sunglasses:
T.Rex and Tony Visconti recorded there too, apparently.


Yup, and Rainbow and Deep Purple (Stormbringer), Zeppelin (Presence) etc.

You can see it in this video.

In that part where it says “Musicland Studios 1. Kellergeschoss” (08:56) those signs are still there but there is no label for the first basement level anymore. The hotel stills looks exactly like this.

I just stood in front of the hotel entrance, because you cannot get any closer (I don´t think there is anything special in the basement where the studios were anymore).

So much history and no one passing by can know!


Reminds me of outside the Dakota building where John Lennon used to live. They won’t let you stop there (too many crazy fans).


But isn´t that particular place more of the victim´s spot than that of the shooter? :grimacing: (what place did he shoot from anyway?)