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In Memory [Obituary Thread]


The doomed Jonathan Harker in Werner Herzog´s Nosferatu also comes to mind.

Yeah, I just read that.


That’s a good suggestion, I think I will watch it as soon as I have the opportunity. A friend of mine talked about it too years ago.


It´s excellent. Super dark, very dreamlike. Like looking at a painting with atmospheric choral music in the background.

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Speaking of Bruno Ganz, did this delicate little gem got any famous outside Italy?


I know it and I remember it running for quite some time in our smaller theaters. Got good reviews, too.


Karl Lagerfeld

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Mark Hollis
Singer of Talk Talk.


How old was he?

  1. Seems the exact date of death isn´t known though.

It´s My Life never fails to put me in a good mood.


Oh wow, I didn’t know this was their song (I only knew the cover from No Doubt):

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The No Doubt cover is thankfully very faithful. Great song.


Why the hell someone edited a clip of Hollis singing in playback on the actual video of the song? :roll_eyes: :grin:


Because it worked so well for David Byrne! :grin:

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Keith Flint
Singer of The Prodigy.
He died at the age of 49.

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Mr. Peter Mayhew
The actor inside the original Chewbacca costume.


Doris Day


The Grumpy gamer cat has died.


OMG, I can’t unsee Ron Gilbert busy in apotropaic manipulations activities… :see_no_evil: