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In Memory [Obituary Thread]


The doomed Jonathan Harker in Werner Herzog´s Nosferatu also comes to mind.

Yeah, I just read that.


That’s a good suggestion, I think I will watch it as soon as I have the opportunity. A friend of mine talked about it too years ago.


It´s excellent. Super dark, very dreamlike. Like looking at a painting with atmospheric choral music in the background.


Speaking of Bruno Ganz, did this delicate little gem got any famous outside Italy?


I know it and I remember it running for quite some time in our smaller theaters. Got good reviews, too.


Karl Lagerfeld


Mark Hollis
Singer of Talk Talk.


How old was he?

  1. Seems the exact date of death isn´t known though.

It´s My Life never fails to put me in a good mood.


Oh wow, I didn’t know this was their song (I only knew the cover from No Doubt):


The No Doubt cover is thankfully very faithful. Great song.


Why the hell someone edited a clip of Hollis singing in playback on the actual video of the song? :roll_eyes: :grin:


Because it worked so well for David Byrne! :grin:


Keith Flint
Singer of The Prodigy.
He died at the age of 49.