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In Memory [Obituary Thread]


Well. I don’t want to get too morbid here. I guess the Dakota has good reason to have people not stop in front of there :expressionless:

But I just found it odd on my first trip to New York when we went there and I was told to keep moving. :open_mouth:

But to be fair The Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park is just around the corner, and that’s where the Beatleheads are supposed to congregate.


I´m a bit bummed that I saw many of the best sights in London only from a distance from the driving bus (Battersea Powerstation, Abbey Road crossing, Royal Albert Hall).

Several reasons to go back there, really!


Well, they probably do have good reasons. I guess people who lives there doesn’t like people taking selfies in front of their door. And I bet if there wasn’t a guard, the place would be covered in flowers and graffiti. I wouldn’t be so strict, though. If one person behaves respectfully and takes a discreet picture, no harm for anybody.
I’ve been in NY twice, but never passed by. I’d like to visit the building facade, but mostly because it was featured in Rosemary’s Baby and it’s a beautiful building.


And Yoko still lives there today.

But yeah, for Rosemary´s Baby the interior would be interesting.


Oh, that’s a good reason to avoid people loitering there.


Yoko really doesn’t like it when people congregate on the anniversary of John’s death in December. She’s been known to call the cops every year, and I don’t blame her.

It’s much better that we celebrate his birthday (coming up soon).


I´ve seen several old episodes of the Dick Cavett show lately among them the one with John and Yoko and really had mixed feelings when they talked about how their citzenship was in question at the time but how they refused to leave because of the kids.

Of course they were targets and obviously mistreated because the Nixon adminstration just wanted to get rid of them, but then I thought. Ahhh, had they left he might as well be still alive.



It scares me that next year there will be people allowed to vote that were born after the event. It makes me feel old.


Me too. 9/11 was closer to my birth than to today. (That’s not true for my wife. I wonder if that makes her feel older or younger… :wink: )

This video made me feel pretty young though:


Ben Daglish, 52, died suddenly.
He was a master in chiptunes, especially for c64.
One example: Last Ninja


Now she finally joined him…

Move  C:\Earth\USA\Washington\Seattle\Paul_Allen  C:\Heaven
Attrib  C:\Heaven\Paul_Allen /immortal

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.


The man who inspired Nintendo’s Super Mario has died. He was 84. Mario Segale.


So that’s where Nintendo got the name of their character from!! :open_mouth:
I always thought they just picked a generic Italian name…


that’s an odd story, but it has been verified.
who would have thought?


Excelsior! :frowning:


This is from 1995:


(from the “spegni il computer e vai a dormire” page)


Oh this makes me sad.

Most of the newspapers just adress him as “the actor who portrayed Hitler in Downfall”. He was much more than this, starring brillant in movies like “Wings of Desire”, “Faraway, so close!” and many others. Rest in peace.