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Incorrect footer?


Yeah I know that one. But my parents never told me that. One because I didn´t do much grimacing and two because my parents wouldn´t lie to me. I had a childhood mostly without the easterbeagle and santachrist.


And what about the term/phrase “if/when the wind changes”? It is very common in movies and books. (AFAIK Andrea De Carlo has used this in his book “Giro di vento”.)


For me, “the wind changes” is always a metaphor for “if the current situation changes”. I don’t know if there are any other uses.

Aww, but that’s the best part of parenting! :frowning:


I turned out fine, didn´t I? :crazy_face:


I don’t think I can fix this. I’ve scoured all the places I can change text and I don’t see this. It’s certainly possible I missed it…


No worries, thanks for trying :slightly_smiling_face:


Well then, how about changing the title of the site to match the footer? In my book that’s a fix.




It might be something @eviltrout has to fix, or at least telll me where it is, if I missed it.


Especially since I’m supposed to dub Franklin…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::franklin:


I remember I’ve heard/seen it long time ago in a japanese cartoon. Nobody of my friends knew that, so I supposed it was a japanese tale… until now.


Maybe that´s the way Noppera-bo are created…:no_mouth:


And what about the Noppera-who and the Noppera-reno?


OK, but the URL also needs to be changed to


I’m surprised that two people actually clicked on that link…


Just clicked it only to raise the number. Gni-hi…


Hehe. Let’s make it the most clicked link on this forum!

eviltrout should make an alias since it doesn’t work even if you change your DNS (as I have tested above).


I opened a new window in private mode and that one counted, it seems.


It’s been a long time since you set up the forums so I don’t blame you. It was under a custom theme you created for TWP. It’s buried but you have to go to customization, edit your theme parts, click desktop then footer.

Phew even typing that out was tedious :slight_smile:

(It’s also possible we’ve changed the admin layout since you originally set it up.)

I’ve fixed the typo.


And thus, somewhere in jolly ole London town, there was much rejoicing.