Thimbleweed Park Crossword Puzzle

Here it is:



Cool, I’ll try this later!
Is there a password for the answers?

There was, but when I have checked the second time, it was disappeared. I don’t know why.

So, it’s up to you.
I suggest not to download the answers sheet.

This is really great - and I have to replay TWP… :wink:

Thank you! no quite finished, I’m having trouble with some of the names.

Hope you answered correctly at “The color of the radio antenna lamp”…

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Eek! Thanks, looking forward to this! :nerd_face:

Fun crossword so far!

Some of these two-letter ones are confusing me… No clues though please :wink:

Also why are some of my answers displaying red?

I think they’re supposed to appear red when they’re incorrect, and green when they’re correct.
For me on Chrome, they’re doing neither :confused:

Same here with Firefox…

Then why are they blue on my screen?

Oh I had half a glass of Rosso Barletta (red wine) but it’s alright (I guess…)

Too much alcohol? :thinking:

From the instructions:

The active cell is highlighted in blue
The word will turn green or red if you got it right or wrong

The green/red thing isn’t working for me.

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That’s odd. I’m sure some of my red ones are right. Hm!

I’m using Chrome on mobile but yeah with the other crossword on my desktop the colours didn’t change.

Which browser do you use on your desktop?


When I have filled it, the colors were always blue.
No green/red.
I was using Firefox.

Those are typical definitions :slight_smile:

Typical Italian definitions I should say. I’m not sure that the “end of”-type definitions are known outside the Settimana Enigmistica world…

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I’ve just worked these out.

Yay, I’ve finished it now! That was fun :clap:

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