Interlude 3.5. What happens? You decide

At the end of Chapter 3, two characters leave town. At the start of Chapter 4, they return.
That much is clear. But one question remains unanswered:

What happens during Interlude 3.5?

Post your ideas below, focusing on these two characters! Here are a few guidelines:

  • Your response can be in any form - a description, a narrative, a dialogue…
  • You can refer to objects collected in the game if you like, but avoid revealing how they are used to solve puzzles.
  • Story elements that occur after the two characters first meet up in Chapter 4 should not be mentioned. (Elements relating to their first conversation can be used.)

This question came into my mind as I was playing the game, so I thought it might be fun to turn this into a discussion.


To start things off, here’s my take on what happened to Reyes, in the form of some journal entries.