Poll: The best chapters?

You can vote for 3 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 - The Meeting
  • Chapter 2 - The Body
  • Chapter 3 - The Arrest
  • Chapter 4 - The Will
  • Chapter 5 - The Reading
  • Chapter 6 - The Factory
  • Chapter 7 - Madness
  • Chapter 8 - The Escape
  • Chapter 9 - The Deleting

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Nice poll!

It’s a poll whose results might be quite complex to interpret, because some of the things that I did in a specific chapter might have been done by someone else in another chapter.

Anyway, I have voted for:

  1. The Body - because it’s the chapter in which the player visits Thimbleweed Park for the first time. This was for me a very special moment, because I loved to roam in the streets of the half-abandoned town.

  2. The Reading - because it was funny

  3. The Deleting - because I liked its sad mood

  1. Clearly ‘The Reading’ since it has the highest laughs/min :slight_smile:
  2. Also ‘The Meeting’ since it was funny and introduced you to a new game from Ron Gilbert.
  3. And ‘The Will’ especially because of the funny return of the agents and decoding of the will.
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I voted for:

The body
I just got sucked right into the story, the feeling I had when playing this chapter was amazing.

The arrest
Just great puzzles, and great progression of story. Enjoyed just everything.

The escape
Those lasers and the comments Chuck made was just awesome, and the text adventure puzzle was pure joy. Also liked the reference to “2001” when pushing in those tubes.

Yeah, I liked the decoding too.
btw. did anybody decode that binary book in the library?

There are two binary books, in the library.
One of them can be decoded following the instructions in this post:

I voted:

  1. The Will because that confused the hell out of me.
  2. The Factory because it had some of the most interesting puzzles.
  3. The Reading because I´m an asshole.

Okay at first I thought I might be joking with this, but looking up it turns out it´s seriously more popular than I thought!

Can you give an example?

Well to get into the factory you have to do a lot of things, of course you can most them in the previous chapter already but everything that relates to getting into the factory was pretty exciting. And that includes the Sekrit meeting, the entire Radio Tower Puzzle, the wrench puzzle and so on and so on…

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Yeah, although it was pretty obvious that his fathers clock fitted into the factory timers, I really liked that too.

To me that wasn’t so obvious, because the factory clocks had a stylized vacuum tube drawn inside the slot and that misled me.

Hmm, I thought that too at first, I had totally forgotten about that. :blush:

To me it wasn’t obvious, but after I used it, I was like “how the hell I’m supposed to believe his watch fits?”

Then it hit me. He was the security guard, it was the very same watch he used to disable the security system.

I felt kind of dumb.

Also in the security office the watch is prominently shown, even attracting more attention when you look at the picture multiple times.

For me it was just a consequence of that drawing inside the socket. My brain perceived it as “something related to a vacuum tube needs to be put in here” and I just ignored any other alternative.

I agree that the drawing could be a little bit misleading, but you have to admit there are clues just on this screen which scream for a watch :slight_smile:

You have to set a time.
The form of the socket is exactly how to watch looks like (and you can see how the watch looks like in the inventory, unlike old games like MM/Zak).

But who I am to judge… (I just say C4)

Yes, there are, but my brain was just searching for something different. I was blind to anything not related to a vacuum tube.

Interestingly, the last chapters are the least popular ones. Is there any clue why? Is the game too long-winded? Are the puzzles in those chapters too hard/easy - or are they just boring? Did the factory feel too desolate to you?

Personally, I am okay with them. Also I found the ending (The Deleting) interesting.

I can tell you that I didn’t vote for the chapters that contain the puzzles that I liked more. My vote wasn’t mainly related to the puzzles but to other aspects.