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Interviews & videos with the devs :delores:

Did that with the three David videos. :slight_smile:


Check this out too:


Oh great, many I have never seen before. Always great since video interviews with you are rather few and far between. Especially love the video games the movie clip!

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I’m not in a lot of these, but I’ve added them to the list because they’re related in some way to Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, or the people that worked there.


That´s great. Those from the pre www days are worth a lot since stuff like that was rare anyway. But in germany we got none of this. LucasFilm Games only existed in specialised magazines.


I’ve added the list to the first post. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much! More chances for relaxing time on the spring evenings to come :wink:


I’ve added an interview with Ron Gilbert in Argentina, that I found useful to understand the developer’s point of view about the balance that a good point and click adventure game needs to have in order to be not frustrating, and why he thinks this genre has got a stigma.
See also these threads for reference: The “Death of Adventure Games” ; Why does nobody like(d) MI4?


I just want to add a link to this article:

which seemed quite interesting to me because it gives a quick key to the reading for the development of a point and click adventure game like Thimbleweed Park into the context of adventure games nowadays.

I’ll add also this podcast which contains an interview with Steve Kirk (regarding also TWP)

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I found this interview with Ron Gilbert:

It’s interesting and it’s different from most interviews (he doesn’t get asked “what is the secret of MI?”). I’ll add it to the wiki also.


A Finnish site published an interview with Ron Gilbert:

Sorry, it’s in Finnish, but I’m sure you can learn the language quite quickly. As an alternative, you could use Google or Bing translate.

If you use Google translate, the name “Murder Pack” should actually be “Cereal Box”, which is the name of the site (“Muropaketti”).


Muropaketti :arrow_right: wall packets
It looks like Italian, not finish!

You can also imagine a Dutch person putting on a fake Italian accent that way. Muurpakket -> muropaketti. :slight_smile:

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Muuri is (a big^) wall in Finnish :smile:

^ E.g. The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall or a wall of a castle. A wall of a house is seinä.

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Interesting that you also use a loan of murus. Roman walls must’ve been something to behold. :wink:

(Well, I beheld a whole bunch of them and they are, lol.)


We should add or at least link all the ones with David and Noah on Indy3 too…

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An article about the making of Manic Mansion over at The Edge’s website (archived)

“Initially,” recalls Winnick, “Ron and I actually developed a very basic, board game-style version of the game that was playable on paper.

“Ron was definitely the driving force,” asserts Fox. “He’d gather all of us game designers around a computer and demonstrate the Sierra games.


Recent interview I did with ZDNet… I made sure the Thimbleweed Park poster was in the background, not to mention my shirt. Enjoy!


Mark Ferrari discusses pixel art as an art movement, the art form’s shedding of gaming nostalgia, its growth as a rejection of the current software landscape, and more!

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