Involuntary cosplay of Stan

… there is only the hat missing:



For anyone who wants to know who this guy is:

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Dr. Frank Matthias Kammel, art historian. He works at a museum in Bavaria. (And sometimes he likes to gesture like Stan. :wink: )

The picture is a scene from a German television show where the audience can ask the experts questions about paintings and other old antique stuff.

I´m pretty sure that concept is internationally well known, even in the US, though I´m not sure what it´s called there.

In the USA it is called the Antique Roadshow.

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Oh yes, I think I´ve heard that before. At least I´ve seen spoofs of it on some TV shows.

The image looks a lot like a trial with him presenting a piece of evidence (like in Tales of Monkey Island). But he looks much more credible than actual Stan…

Probably because he’s only waving ONE hand at a time…

Sometimes he (the man on the picture) is waving his hands and arms exactly like Stan. :slight_smile:

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Just saw a Let’s Play of Jalopy (any Trabi fans here?) and saw somebody else using the infamous “Stan-shader”: