Is GWENT better than Hearthstone?

What is ur opinion?

Among card games, THESE are the best:


I haven’t played all the games mentioned in this thread, so I can’t help unfortunately.

@TaarakVakil: What do you recommend?

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I recommend GWENT as it is more rewarding and is more skill based and less pay to win.

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Where did u get them from?

But DUELyST is also good…

How is the art?

From the Fangemer site
There are also other goodies related to Thimbleweed Park.

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Gwent isn’t bad, if you can stand the Welsh people :wink:
Never been to Hearthstone.

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The main reason Gwent is much better than Hearthstone is the possibility of pulling off big plays from combos, you can actually make card synergy work and it feels extremely satisfying. Also, lack of synergy or free usernames and passwords makes some cards completely useless while the only meta cards are the ones that do anything played alone.

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Thanks @techrama