Just released adventure games

I have a strong dislike for kids stuff because I´m so insecure about my own maturity.

11-11: Memories Retold was recently released (e.g. Steam).

This game has an interesting art direction:

Like pixel-art it pretends to have a lot more detail than there is. It uses some paint effect without making everything a blurry mess.

Umm… thanks but no thanks. Dragon’s Lair is The Original QTE™ At (Probably) Its Very Worstⓡ. Too bad, because visually it looks awesome. :slight_smile:

@Nor_Treblig But the game as a whole “looks” (or appears/sounds/comes across) like it’s “for children” based on @kaiman’s description. :wink:

So he did the same like Tim Schafer, I wonder if he also asked adults for money though.

Not exactly. They had a Kickstarter for this game, but unlike Tim, they showed what the style will be, so the situation was clear.

BTW, when Tim did his Kickstarter (and Ron seemed to be on board), I was obviously in “shut up and take my money” mode, but thankfully it was unavailable in my country at the time. I was so happy I didn’t pay for Broken Age, when I realised what kind of game it will be.

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What kind of game is that, precisely?

The first part is dumbed down adventure game, mostly for kids (although it has some charm I must admit). I also hated the graphic style. I didn’t get to play much of the second part, as I got bored of puzzles that belonged more to something like Myst. Some p&c people loved it though.

I thought it was very neat, but I never really got started playing part 2. It’s kind of a problem I have with episodic releases. Now it’s been what, four, five years since act 2 came out?

Only bought it once part 2 was done, and it was enjoyable enough. Unlike @nihilquest I quite liked the art style, but now that he mentioned Myst, I guess the puzzles did veer a bit towards that direction. However, while I didn’t even come close to completing Myst without a walkthrough, no help was required to finish Broken Age.

Some Myst-like puzzles in various games are easy, it’s just a type of puzzle to me. The first part of BA wasn’t like that, I suspect they wanted the game to be more difficult and that was their method to do that.

Having just played Amnesia AND Call Of Cthulhu I´m always amazed how much valve turning these games had in them, which is something that always reminds me of Myst. Almost makes me wish the rusted valves in the TwP sewers that were all rusted shut and thus unturnable were an intentional spoof of that.

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They means: They have listened to player feedback after release of Act 1 which was mostly: Too easy and too short.
This explains the non-consistent experience.

Just now I realise: After all it was always in the game title, like a prophecy.

Hm, I never thought about such a connection.

I hoped Gabe will be so happy about all this free publicity that he will buy TWP IP so Ron can buy Disney.

That’s right. To me that’s like putting a maze in a game to make it longer / more difficult.

Oh, you know all this talking about Myst-like puzzles and mazes makes me want to play this game again :slight_smile:

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Well, you know you can turn a Valve when you want to let off some Steam.

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But it’s rusted shut!

I really have no good idea where I could go with this allergory right now.

Review from Adventure Gamers.

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That pretty much confirms my expectations (though it doesn’t sound as bad as it might have been based on the Dragon’s Lair reference alone). I might consider giving it a try, though not immediately. The graphics and the mysterious plot twist have me intrigued.