Making Adventure Games for Children

It’s really not hard to google such an uncommon word like ‘tsioque’.
The third result is already the Kickstarter.

I don’t think they should have asked kids for money for making a game. In most countries this is probably illegal. So yeah, like nearly every game developer out there they asked adults for money.

How to decipher a post from ideal (for teenage robots):

step a / So he did the same like Tim Schafer
.-., he made an adventure for his daughter and other children
step b / I wonder if he also asked adults for money though
:_:, obviously he did not, as this info was given already and I don’t expect every dev to be this bold and business related shortsided when it comes to funds and interests, which makes it irony.



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I’m afraid it doesn’t help if you tell me how to decipher your posts.
Now I need someone to tell me how to decipher your posts about deciphering your posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do you have this information from? Tim Schafer made a great game for everyone.
The one saying he made a game for his daughter was the maker of Tsioque.

Was it?

I do not understand.

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I now somehow understand Ron making games for a decade mostly exclusively for kids :slight_smile:

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Making entertainment for kids is a hell easier and cheaper.



Of course it is, less budgets, the designs are easier, lower production values, lower expectations from the kids …

Why do you think it isn’t true? What are your experiences with making content for kids and adults? Any numbers to back this up?

What’s easier is making the puzzles because they can be more simple.
But otherwise it’s as hard as making games for so called grown-ups (haha).

I remember Ron saying you can’t blind youngsters with graphics, i.e. you have to make a proper game.
If you consider the part of making astounding graphics with all bells and whistles being super hard then yes, kids games are easy to make…

Gosh you are naive :stuck_out_tongue:, listen to me, I have the experience…

…to listen to people with a decade of first-hand experience in game design for kids: hehe :slight_smile:

I’ve made a wide variety experiences throughout decades and I’ve been through many very different projects and budgets. I wouldn’t call you naive though, it’s more like you and a few others lack the quality to discuss such topics on a reasonable level. So, enjoy whatever you believe in.

That also includes @RonGilbert. I wonder if you realise that.

Seems like someone can’t take a joke.


You seriously wanna tell me that making a game like Pajama Sam is more effort than TWP? If that’s the experience you’ve made, then something went terribly wrong.

Not what I said and not what he said. But go ahead and ask him.

I don’t need to talk to him to know which project is a lot cheaper and easier to do.

So you stand by disagreeing with his statement?

I guess I made my points clear already.

You guessed wrong.

Which part did you not understand?