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Telling Lies:




Before it was released, the “manual” of the castle was already available on Steam. Don’t read it though, as it is a walkthrough of the complete game! Weird.


Nice! Also nice: I’ve seen your review on Steam.

And the one question you had. I thought their choice of icon to indicate you have played the game was funny:

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:slight_smile: I have to say the mouse puzzle was illogical, and also the bat puzzle and the worm puzzle were VERY illogical. So I have 4 bad puzzles so far.

Anyway, I’m stuck. You solve many convoluted puzzles that lead to nowhere, and you don’t know if they’d be useful with different characters (or for sidequests that you don’t need, such as resuscitating people or escaping prisons). same as Maniac Mansion, but a bit frustrating.

The game has 5 possible endings so you have to use all the characters. And yes, it can be a bit frustrating but you can spend hours of fun trying everything.

I played the game when it was for free before its release and my gameplay is on youtube, in case someone needs some tip.


Welcome to the TWP forums!

It’s really, really like Maniac Mansion! And although Thimbleweed Park has great graphics back then I was wishing for more EGA-like ones (MM/Zak style). Now my wishes have been fulfilled :slight_smile:

(btw. he also tries to put it on itch.io)


@Calypso maybe let’s make a “The Castle by Ishtar Games Inc.” thread (from post 426, excluding 436)

It now has been released also to the common folk!

With a new launch trailer:

I WANNA RIDE MY BIKE! (the youth and their loud punk rock music, tsts)


I am tempted to buy The Castle… as a fan of Maniac Mansion, and after having read your comments… do you suggest to spend 5 euros to buy it?

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are you crazy? It’s worth much more than that. :slight_smile:

Don’t fall in the temptation to read the walkthrough. Rather, when you see a room object that’s suspicious, use everything on it.

Bought it, I´m curious. Let´s see :slight_smile:

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be prepared. 70% of the puzzles are very hard and fair, 30% are very hard and unfair.

Sounds good :smiley:

Uhh, similar to the first version of Maniac Mansion!

I’d say Maniac Mansion has fewer unfair puzzles, or none. out of memory. Right now I don’t recall one. Which ones would you call unfair?

#1: when Dr. Fred goes to play Meteor Mess game… if you didn’t fix the wires in time, he will never play again. And if he will never play, he will never set a new Hi-score. And the new Hi-score is SUPER important to win the game…

#2: there are a limited number of dimes to use with the telescope. If you fail to understand what to see, you’ll never get another chance.

#3: if you use the paint remover on something other than the paint bloch on the wall, you’ll be in a dead end, because behind that paint there is a door


wow, I didn’t know that.

There is a thin line between dead ends and unfair puzzles… you are not talking about object combinations that make no sense, or that make sense but for which there was no reason at all to focus on that.

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Why didn’t you post about it before?

Ah well, it is only 5€/$

Not sure about #1. Unless you use a walkthrough, you are not aware of the puzzle until dr Fred tries to play and makes a comment. I am 100% sure you can solve it then and you’ll get another cutscene later. But perhaps that first cutscene starts a timer were he won’t play again if…?
I have even seen the opposite happen: he’ll play it again, setting some new scores and effectively changing the code to the door.

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Just like it’s 1986!

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