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Just released adventure games


That’s right. To me that’s like putting a maze in a game to make it longer / more difficult.


Oh, you know all this talking about Myst-like puzzles and mazes makes me want to play this game again :slight_smile:


Well, you know you can turn a Valve when you want to let off some Steam.


But it’s rusted shut!


I really have no good idea where I could go with this allergory right now.


Review from Adventure Gamers.


That pretty much confirms my expectations (though it doesn’t sound as bad as it might have been based on the Dragon’s Lair reference alone). I might consider giving it a try, though not immediately. The graphics and the mysterious plot twist have me intrigued.


I still haven’t tried it.
You probably mainly talk about tight timed puzzles:
It’s a shame making a nice adventure game and then have some hard but non-optional action sequences in it (imagine Indy 4 with action path as only one available).

Unless the gameplay is based on something like QTE (TTG, Dragon’s Lair) those elements should be better either optional or it should be possible to reduce difficulty.


So basically Indy 3?


Not really: All fights in Indy3 are optional or super easy (Biff).
I was more thinking about stuff like the car chase in Indy4.


Well, sure you can bypass the fighting in the blimp which is possibly the hardest part. But avoiding fights in Castle Brunwald is almost harder than not fighting. You gotta remember all the stories. Be dressed for the correct guards. Don´t run into them again etc. It is real hard not to trigger a fight there.


Yes, but that’s called puzzles and you don’t need fast reflexes for those.
People who don’t like or can’t handle action sequences can still play the game the more puzzly way.

Regarding Zeppelin: You can start the plane from the airport and get shot down immediately. Which means: even more puzzles, yay!


Which is a somewhat misleading description for “click on the right spot at the right moment, or die”. With the added convenience that you will not have to start over from the beginning (or your last save), but can retry “immediately”.

And even that is not time-based (and if I’m not totally mistaken it’s not even on the action path). You have all the time in the world to complete it, and you never will have to start over no matter what you do. With Tsioque, it sounds like you might get a “game over” simply by doing nothing.


That’s correct, it’s on the wits path (which is quite strange).

I didn’t want to read the review in detail but I searched for some keywords:

  • “Tsioque trips and is captured, which restarts the sequence over from the very beginning” (but only this sequence, not the whole game)
  • “Fortunately, the developer included a skip button to bypass this scene”

From the summary:

  • “It has some clever puzzle mechanics, an action sequence that’s balanced by being skippable, and timed challenges that reset upon failure rather than losing significant progress.”

IMHO it doesn’t sound bad at all.


I´d say finding the correct timing passing the guards by indeed takes a lot of dexterity. But okay, if you consider the avoiding of the fights initself a puzzle it sure is a tricky one. Especially as there are dead ends (having saved at a place where you are low on energy and don´t have the correct bribe/suit/story for a certain guard).

In the skippable Zeppelin sequence fights cannot be avoided and if you do crash the biplane as early as possible there will be lots of border controls, which can be puzzles as long as you have prepared for them long ahead. If you don´t have the correct books/amount of money etc you are bound to hit the numpad with your fingers again.


Seems we’re on the same page here :slight_smile:.

They can be avoided by keeping at distance from the guards (which does require some quick decisions while traversing the “maze” inside the Zeppelin’s belly). I am currently unsure if disabling the radio had any influence (buying you more time or some such), or whether that was mandatory anyway (or optional, but unrelated).


I don´t think it had that much of an effect. But I never managed to get through that part. Only the starting the biplane from the ground and that also only with copying the image from the book on a piece of paper and hitting the pause button after every pulled lever etc.

That part and the Castle Brunwald are the reason Last Crusade is probably my least re-played LF Game of all.


HalfLight - A third-person mystery adventure game setting in a fictional world of 40s Taiwan:


I didn’t find a way to buy or download the game?
Under More information it says published one day ago but status is in development.


Me neither. I posted my post just after reading: “After 3 years’ development, the indie game studio - MATCHB is going to invite you to experience the fantasy world of HalfLight.”

I thought it would be available… Hm…