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Just released adventure games


I’ve just started playing today.
meep meeeeeeeep :red_car:


Cool, hope you like it as much as I did :slightly_smiling_face: I’m playing the DLC beach area now (not literally now).


And even if you were, remember we aren´t judging you here! OR ARE WE? :face_with_monocle:


Beyond the Sky from Iperurania Arts (Italy) was released about a week ago (2018-11-15) on Steam.
It looks super cute and puzzely, but sadly there is no DRM-free release planned :cry:.



I browsed through upcoming point & click adventures and it feels like we’re kind of doomed with nothing really good in the foreseeable future. Some games offer some potential, some shine in certain aspects but lack in others and some seem to suck completely.


The best of the lot in my book is 3 Minutes to Midnight. Still half a year away, if not longer, though. But who knows, there might be some surprises along the road …


It offers some production values (nice stills and anis) but from the gameplay bits I’ve seen, I’m not sure and a Betty Anderson? Come on! You’ll have to wait and see how the writing, humor and puzzles will turn out.

Luna has a nice graphics style. Alvin from Earth and The Procession to Calvary will be good for some laughter but have so low productions values. Trüberbrook will feature Nora Tschirner but you’ll need to endure Böhmermann and the pacing seems somehow slow, for Harold Halibut they care about building their world but it feels like there won’t be a focus on puzzles and gameplay. The Darkside Detective 2 might have good music but it’s more a text adventure. And so on …

Pendulo could show with Blacksad that all those years of practicing finally result into a good adventure (I bought enough bad games from them, I deserve this).

Generally I welcome any good adventure but they hesitate to show up.


One that caught my eye when it was on Kickstarter (but did not back it in the end).

Hope it’ll come to GOG …


“The First Tree” is now available on Gog:


Flashback™ was (re-)released today!
It seems to be based on Unity and sadly doesn’t contain the original files, but otherwise it looks like they have made a good job.

Most important: This is how it looks like when properly configured:

Phew. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’ve installed the game and it does include all the original data files! So everyone not being happy with their remastered version can play it with REminiscence instead.


Personally I had no problem with the smoothed edges of Another World(Out Of This World). For me this kind of graphic style doesn´t really need visible pixels to look appealing.

IMHO it looks like a wobbly, blurry mess.


Flashback looks really interesting. I might have to buy this one. For some reason I had not heard of it before, but it looks like a kind of game that I enjoy. A mixture of platformer and adventure.


Actually it’s a bad game. People were praising it for the art and its production. Such things begin like this: Someone said the game is awesome. Other people heard of it, maybe even gave it a try, didn’t like it and continued to play action games but in order to be cool they said it’s awesome too … snowball effect.

Flashback’s most interesting aspect is the way it was developed. The filtering looks awful, it needs more performance. I don’t see why you would want to play this over the original.


The thing that confuses me most about Flashback is that the common mistake that people keep calling it a sequel to Another World (Out of this World), which is not true that would be Heart Of The Alien. I think then people usually say it was by the same team or something but as far as I know Eric Cahi had nothing to do with it?


Flashback was designed by Paul Cuisset, Another World is made by Eric Cahi.

But Flashback and Another World are both from Delphine Software. I would assume that they share parts of the engine.


I think that´s it. The movement of the characters looks simliar and they share some gameplay elements but that´s it. I remember hearing that sequel myth back in the day and as of very recently so it seems to persist somehow.


I also like Prince of Persia and Blackhawk/Blackthorne, I liked those relatively slow paced and exact platformers.

Oh, but apparently I didn’t like it at all, it was just a snowball effect and I wanted to look cool :man_shrugging:

I agree with @Someone.

You realise they just made this for guys like you who can’t stand large pixels anymore?

This version is not supposed to be played on original hardware.
If you want to play the original buy it second hand and play it on your DOS machine.
(btw. those who can afford modern hardware can use REminiscence instead)

  • You can just purchase it, without sifting through ebay.
  • It costs < 10 EUR.
  • You can buy it digitally.
  • It has ™ in its title, the official seal of quality for everything.


POP was slow and had mediocre controls. When I give an input, I also want things to happen instantly, instead of waiting for an ani to finish. I never played the second one. Exile’s End is nice game with such a vibe.

I don’t know a single person who finished the game (similar to Another World). They got the game, valued the presentation, tried to play it and continued with something else. It’s hip to like these kind of games though.

This would be a mistake because I never said that I wanted ugly high res, I want nice high res. And ideally all comes together: high res graphics, nice gameplay, good music …

For the energy you’re investing, you don’t get a lot.


(You can play it for free in your browser.)