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Just released adventure games


We’ll have to do our very best to avoid that colour combination in the future. Who knows what else it might do?! :scream:

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Wow. CGA did look great.

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My brother rabbit: perfect game to play with 6 year old AND wife. We had a lot of fun. More than with Chuchel.

TWP on and Citizen of the Future

Thanks, good to know. “My Brother Rabbit” is still on my list… :slight_smile:

TWP on and Citizen of the Future

I would never have bought that game for for myself though :slight_smile:.

But with family, it makes sense. Indeed I’m looking for similar games.

changing topic…

I recently bought “don’t escape” but I still have to try it.

And Leisure suit larry “wet dreams don’t dry” is surprisingly good. Don’t like the graphics but the game is solid. (surprisingly many inventory objects and the puzzles are not completely illogical)

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Fenimore Fillmore is out with a 40% discount.

Instant buy. I can’t resist when I see the SCUMM verbs and good graphics.
I hope the puzzles are good.


The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition was released today on GOG and Steam.

It’s made by MojoTouch who made the horrible Simon versions, but this one doesn’t seem that bad since it contains deleted scenes and a lot of languages.
If you already have the original version on GOG you can get it quite cheap for now (66% off).

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Photographs by EightyEightGames was released on Steam and iOS today.
Also later on Android.

Art by Octavi!




Looks cute, nice!


“Point’n’click game based on Vampire: The Masquerade v5 setting.”


I only know it from its video game adaptations but “v5” sounds rather specific :slight_smile:



Mystery Of Woolley Mountain is out.

What do you think? I want to like this game, but I’ve watched 10 minutes of the let’s play and it is possibly the most boring thing I’ve ever seen…

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Smells like a tutorial. The scourge of digitally distributed games that do not have the chance to relegate the boring stuff to a nicely printed manual that is at least marginally more interesting than watching the game getting slowly installed from a stack of floppy discs.


I’m sure it’d be slightly less boring if you were playing yourself.

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I just read that the Android version is now released as well. I’m planning to buy this, but now I’m not sure if I should buy the iPad or PC version. From a pure gameplay enjoyability perspective, I wonder if anyone has tried one or the other or both (including perhaps @OctaviNavarro ) and can make a recommendation.


Both versions are exactly the same, but we designed the game with tactile controls in mind and it looks gorgeous on iPad, so that would be my preference.
I hope you enjoy it! It’s a short, little game but we put tons of love on it. I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:


Thanks! Are there any plans to release it on or (for the DRM-free fans).