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Just released adventure games


Thw Fangame from Danielle Spadoni
Back to the Future III Timeline of Monkey Island

I didn´t check properly if there is one too, but I found a downloadlink here (Button “Zum Deal”):


Just found the link in itˋs thead :slight_smile:


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Degrees of Separation

A new puzzle game, from the description it reminds me of Broken Age.
A boy and a girl, living in separate worlds, with their own powers, but each can “interact” in the other’s world.
I did not download it yet, but it seems intriguing.



It looks lovely and has local-coop! Too bad it’s Steam-only.

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The Occupation (GOG, Steam): A first-person detective mystery adventure from White Paper Games, the makers of Ether One.

I remembered this screen capture in particular from a while ago, demonstrating the in-game note system which makes real pen and paper superfluous!


Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland was released a day ago with a 15% discount: GOG, Steam

I’ve already mentioned it here:

It’s noteworthy that those timed mechanics are not live, i.e. it works like a turn-based game.
E.g. you see a map with various locations and for every location you can see the time it will take to get there and how much fuel is needed. You have all your time to make the decision.

If you want to try the previous, more simpler games but with similar mechanics you can try them for free:


“The Dream Machine” and " Hypnospace Outlaw" are now DRM-free on GOG:


I’ve heard of it before, a game from 2012. It’s finally on GOG!

It’s from Jay Tholen who also made Dropsy.

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Finally! I’ve been waiting for this! :smile:

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Hey, what was the one you told me that you recently supported? Did you mention it on here already?


Yep, it was this one. Now fully funded, and with plenty of stretch goals reached! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Is it me or are those Magenta “Funded!” really floating over the background in 3D with a cool depth effect that makes you want to feel the screen?


They do look cool. * swipes at thin air *


Well, either that or my expectations based on your description created a bias in my brain.


The ones over “second and third playable character” are really far out!

Must be the cyan versus magenta contrast thing

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That´s alwas great! We saw that just this weekend:

You think that might have been the reason that staircase took us into the Twilight Zone we only barely escaped, @tasse-tee?

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When that long corridor of lights took us to a part of the Deutsches Museum where we could no longer get to the upper floors?

Yep, I blame the magenta/cyan. :joy:

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Exactly. Like when we left one elevator went through the room to another one only to get transported back to the SAME elevator we first came in! :scream:

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