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Just released adventure games


Yes, especially if you keep in mind that this game started as a diploma thesis. :slight_smile: (and you can actually combine all objects with all others and every time you will get a unique comment).

I can also recommend “A New Beginning”:

I skipped them too. In the developer’s commentary the project leader and designer said, that he loves those mini games - and that’s why they are in the game.


It looks very interesting. I put it on my list. Thank you!


oh boy. that’s quite a turn off.


That sounds cool! Good to know, I was curious about that game. Might try it.


I started Edna & Harvey: The Breakout but then got distracted and didn´t finish it. It also doesn´t help that I got a special edition with directors audio commentary in absolutly every room and I listened to all those clips and those distracted me further.


It’s out the new short adventure game by @octaviNavarro

Anyone else tried Octavi Navarro's "Midnight Scenes"?

@OctaviNavarro: How about a Linux version? :slight_smile:


Have also yet to play it, but from what I’ve seen and read, it’s a Telltale-style game. I mostly bought it with the intention to support further development of The Devil’s Men, but they cancelled that now. I don’t believe we’ll see another classic P&C adventure from Daedalic.

I love those (including some of the mini games). This might be the wrong place to confess, but to me the Deponia series is the 2010s Monkey Island.

That said, I can also recommend Chains of Satinav and especially Memoria :-). A New Beginning is also a good choice, though. I think that was my first game from Daedalic, and it certainly rekindled my interest in the genre.


I played The Librarian in a dark room, during night… it was the perfect atmosphere for this short game!
Kudos to Octavi Navarro for the technique, the sounds, the global atmosphere and the moving story!


Not form Daedalic but fortunately they publish “real” adventures from other studios. And maybe we get another Deponia…


Yeah, but we need a Linux version! :slight_smile:



I have got ‘The Librarian’ to work on Linux using the Windows version and Wine. However, you must put the graphics setting to Performance – leaving it at Quality (the default) doesn’t seem to work. I haven’t got very far but I have got downstairs.


Yes, it should also run in a virtual machine. :slight_smile: But he made the game with Unity. So it should be easy to produce a Linux binary…


I´m afraid of The Librarian. What if he cuts me in half with a big ass sword because some of my books where a bit overdue?


Put sugar in her car tank.


Damnit, @someone there are children (and maybe catholics) reading this forum!!!


Don’t worry, they can confess anything.


But it could also be the title of an AC/DC song…


:slight_smile: If I google for that title I get only two hits: One link to a book and one to a petition …

Actually it was a reference to this episode.


Oh yeah, I always keep mixing that one up with a similar episode of Seinfeld where the librarian was a guy named Mr Bookman.