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Just released adventure games


Am I stuck already? I´m in the library and there is nothing to interact with except the machine and the window to the outside and none of the items I have work with any of those.


Yes you are :-). But… have another look near the window…


Remember Zak McKracken at the Seattle, near the cave entrance…


Ah damn missed hotspots!

After that it was a piece of cake. Very moody beautiful game with nice puzzles(though I only did half of the “candle puzzle” the way it was supposed to be done the others I did by trying since I didn´t feel like walking down two flights ot steps by that point).

Good work @OctaviNavarro and sorry for your loss!


I just played it. I enjoyed it a lot. Great atmosphere! Congrats @OctaviNavarro!


I got stucked in the very same place! It took me ~25’ to complete the game. 10’ were spent there :joy:

I think it was a great game, I liked the abstract ending a lot. I decided to support @OctaviNavarro on patreon after playing both of his mini games. Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


I got suck there too, but for not more than 2 or 3 minutes.



Strange food you should really give a try

Why are you speaking in the black tongue of Mordor? :eyes:


(this is one of my favourite dictionaries)

The official language thread

The definitions are clearly missing the fact that is obviously an acronym of:



It’s almost impossible for me to survive in the english speaking internet without that!


That and know your meme.


Ah, the lost art of pixel hunting :wink:


I’m glad it’s lost! :wink:


Depends on the game. Pixelhunting could be fun if it’s done right… :wink:


Okay, even though I’m firmly in the LFG camp, I should give that one a mention:

Being a backer, it’s nice to see it on GOG, with 1st day Linux support no less. Okay, guess I should not yet praise it too loud, as I’m still waiting for my key. (And I did not try the beta, as per my usual rule concerning narrative games).

I must also add that I never played any of the Quest for Glory games, but I am not really opposed to an Adventure-RPG hybrid, as currently those are my favourite genres. I’ll report back once I’ve given it a spin.


“A Rite from the Stars” is now available (with 10% discount this week). It’s a “3-D point & click adventure”:



Wow! This looks like a nice piece of fan work.
Though, I wonder how long it will take until Disney call their attorneys. Sadly.