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Just released adventure games


PS: The very short formerly browser based episode “Polterguys” that served as a first teaser for the series is also included now. I just finished it again. :slight_smile:


Waaahhh, but the new case won´t work. It just goes back to the main menu that says “click to start” and nothing happens. :sob:

Anyone else have this issue?


Restarted the case. Works fine now! :ok_hand:


based on this topic: Fate of Atlantis Special Edition is OUT and Return of the Tentacle as well!


Any chance of getting this on the Mac?


But only a second demo and not the full game?


we are working on MAC release now


Demo 2.0 is 1 hour long… can be longer if you dont know the game


The Walking Dead: The Final Season


Wish-listed. I already bought a A New Frontier full price, have basically all the Telltale games, and have a bit of a Telltale burnout. (“Stuck” in Back to the Future, Batman, and Guardians alike…)

Also, GOG’s marketing department must be sleeping. Even though I own every Telltale Walking Dead game I didn’t get any e-mails about it.


Would be great if that were true for the actual show itself, too…


I get e-mails from Gog a day or two after the release. So maybe your are affected too?


I get them in time to grab free games and such; it’s mainly Humble Bundle that I know I get super late because my wife gets 'em practically the night before.

I keep going to my mail to check up on this and forgetting about it due to dealing with newly arrived mail…

I received an e-mail about Death’s Gambit at 19 (4 hours ago), whereas they posted on GOG itself about it 17 hours ago. So if that’s indicative I guess I should receive an e-mail about The Walking Dead tomorrow.


These e-mails are in time here. :slight_smile:

I have a similar delay. Please report! :slight_smile:


State of Mind is available:


It doesn’t look like they’re going to send me anything about Walking Dead.


Have you activated such e-mails in your GOG preferences/profile?


I would imagine… they send me e-mails all the time.


Hm… Interesting. Maybe GOG doesn’t like you…? :wink: If you are really interested in these notifications you should contact the GOG support.


Not really, I just thought it was curious. :slight_smile:

Edit: and anyway, they do send me e-mails rather frequently. I just haven’t gotten anything about this Walking Dead release. Maybe I “canceled” the e-mail by already wishlisting it?