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Just released adventure games


@Someone Here’s today’s GOG e-mail:

I know I don’t get an e-mail about every single release (and I doubt I’d want to). But you’d think even an algorithm should be able to pick out that I might buy that Walking Dead game. :slight_smile:


I got that e-mail today too. They don’t send me an e-mail for each new game but for some “blockbusters” (or what they think are blockbusters :slight_smile: ).


Tried to get the box yesterday, but the shop didn’t have it (yet). Will get it on Saturday, but I won’t be able to pick it up before Monday.

I mostly seemed to be getting E-Mails about “Items on your wishlist are now discounted” (often with a big enough delay that I noticed that myself), but I don’t really remember getting “items are now available” mails. State of Mind for example is on my wishlist, but despite it being released I got nothing.


It has already negative critics. It seems to be again a “Telltale like” game and thus more an interactive movie. So if somebody is playing it, please report. :slight_smile:


That’s what I read in the reviews, so no surprise at least. Might take a while before I get round to it, though, as I still have about 12 or 13 (in-game) days left of Hero-U (out of 50), and I also started playing the Bards Tale remaster, which I remember fondly as one of the first games I ever played on the Amiga.


How are they? I’m still not sure if I should buy them because they look different to the original ones on the C64/Amiga …


As a BTIV backer I got the remaster for free, so take that into account. It is also Windows-only (but works in Wine and might get a native port once all 3 parts are completed, but I would not count on it until it’s done :slight_smile:)

Right now, only the 1st part is playable, with part 2 due in autumn and part 3 at the end of the year. That one looks and feels like the original seen through rose-tinted glasses. So perhaps a bit like TWP, which evokes the feeling of the old games, but is actually a modern game. Some of the graphics are very close to what I remember from the Amiga, others might be from other ports of the game and some (like the female player character portraits) are completely new. I would have liked the world view to be a little larger, as it appears smaller than in the original due to the wide-screen UI, but otherwise it’s a very faithful adaptation.


it costs €29.99
It’s more than 20 bucks.
My guru said I must not purchase it.



Does somebody know what this is? I never heard of it before:


Installed it to make sure the Steam key worked, and played for an hour. It is indeed very light on puzzles, but at least there are a number of things to interact with in the environments.

So far I have no complaints. The graphics are nice and moody, and devoid of any greyish or brown colours that seem so prevalent in most 3D games. The story is slow to pick up (which suits me fine) and the way you are thrown into the world is pretty clever (if perhaps not overly original). There isn’t tons of exposition, instead you explore and discover things in a fairly natural way.

Not sure if it’s worth the €40 I paid for the box (one thing that slightly irks me is that the soundtrack is digital only, not on CD), but so far it’s been a pleasant experience. Not that I had high expectations …

These mythical 20 bucks from 1990 are worth about $38.50 by now. (Or $500 if they are still shrink wrapped :wink:). I’d gladly paid $30 for TWP, too. Though perhaps those would have been easier to justify for a point-n-click aficionado in case of TWP. State of Mind is neither pointy nor clicky (it’s probably best played with a controller).


“You know what I´m thinking, Elaine?”
“What, Guybrush?”
“Now, what the heck is Euro inflation?”


I was just about to post something similar … :wink:


But since expensive games from 1990 were $50-70 just like now, $20 for a game is still $20 for a game even if that present-day $60 is only worth ~$35 in 1990 money.


In Dollars. In Germany the 20 DM in 1990 would be now 10 Euros. So if you buy a game now for 20 Euros, the developer would get more money than back in the 90s. But of course you can’t compare these prices without including the (real) inflation. :slight_smile:



“Elaine, I was just thinking.”

“What, Guybrush?”

“If you take 20 bucks and factor in inflation and fluctations in the euro zone, plus trade defecits and the 21st century gold price, then there is greece falling into financial ruins, the UK leaving the EU, taxes raising, exploding rent costs in the private sector and of course gaming piracy, then you shouldn´t pay…”

"Oh, shut up already!



Recommended system requirements:

CPU: Intel i5 8400 or similar
RAM: 8Gb

Wow, that’s pretty steep.


tiny & Tall: Gleipnir

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