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Just released adventure games


No, no, it’s alright. :slight_smile: I just would like to know if the game focuses more on puzzles or on the platformer element. It seemed to me that you played it already or know at least more about the gameplay. :slight_smile: (I first thought that the game would be something like Loom.)


I haven’t even bought the game yet (but I will). I’ll probably contact the developer first and ask if the soundtracks will come to GOG too.

Edit: Files are being processed by GOG and should be on there soon.


My Memory of Us:

/edit: Review here:


OMG! This game is like, is like Jesus Christ coming back and saying “Don’t tell me you bought that! I was on drugs”.


The game is called Viviette (don’t forget to put titles in the post; @Discourse please allow searching for and in URLs).
Looks like a good game for this month (Halloween time)!

I’ve watched the trailer… are those mannequins at the end? :open_mouth:


“So you want to be a pirate, eh? You look more like an insurance agent to me.”

Pirates (mutany on a ship), CGA-style 3D graphics (with dithering patterns you can spot from 2 yards away), puzzles, …
This one has all the ingredients for an interesting game.

(Edit: mentioned also in this topic by @LowLevel last year:
Under development adventure games that are worth a mention)


Nitpicking: It’s monochrome. The C stands for Color :slight_smile:


Ironically, you misspelled monochrome

Also the resolution is way higher than anything you could do in actual CGA.

I meant it looks like how we remember how it looked running a CGA game on a monochrome monitor.


I’ve done a fair bit of that on a 286 and I don’t think I’ve come across anything that looked like that. :slight_smile: Something like Falcon a little bit perhaps?


Ha! I don’t admit anything!

Yes, early 3D graphics would be more like wireframe graphics or flat shaded at best. In monochrome it looked something like this:


Hidden Folks is now available on Nintendo Switch. Only 11.99 € for a limited time.

I love this little game - like Where’s Wally? but much funnier and with great sound effects (all produced by human voice).


1600+ mouth-originated sound effects
Like … wow!
You can hear some of them here


When I finished the game I found myself walking round repeating them :smile:


This looks very cute: Tsioque
A hand drawn and animated 2D point’n’click adventure:

And also:


Looks great! Is this under development? I don’t see the pixels.


You have to use a bigger screen.
And then get really really close.

Ohh, all those huge pixels:



I thought the same, until I read the fine print: “It’s an adventure game, so explore, solve puzzles… but beware. There won’t always have the comfort of infinite time to solve a problem, sometimes you may have to think fast! Other times you may want to think twice before choosing a new course of action, as a wrong decision may cost you your freedom… or worse!

No wonder, as it lists the “wonderfully animated epic fantasy and its gruesome punishments for failures in DRAGON’S LAIR” amongst its inspirations.

So yeah, Tsioque looks fantastic, but at least for me the gameplay seems to offer more than I can stomach. But hey, not every game needs to appeal to everyone :slight_smile:.


So… you don’t think it’s a cute 2D p’n’c adventure anymore? :thinking:

Well, it certainly does seem to have some Dragon’s Lair flair. What I have noticed is that the price seems relatively low, so it may be more of a shorter game (drawing everything by hand certainly takes a lot of time).

I got a GOG key on release which is nice (I didn’t remember anything about a GOG release at all). I just hope I’ll find time to play it.


What a weird title. This sounds like a combination of Psi and Torque and yet seems to be broken. Anyway, it looks like an adventure for children.


They explicitely say the name (the Princess’ name) at the end of their trailer because they know no one knows how to say it.

TSIOQUE, pronounced /ʧɪɒk/, or /tsɪɒk/

Doesn’t CoMI or DoTT also look like it’s for children? Is this a good or a bad thing for you?