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Just released adventure games


“Paratopic is a short first-person horror game …”


/me mainly wonders about asking his wife for the Alone in the Dark installer after seeing that page


Looking at those screenshots I had to think of Alone in the Dark and They Hunger.


Lamplight City is here:

Lamplight City (New point and click game)

Let’s hope it’s as good as Unavowed!


Both are on my wishlist, but I’ve got way too many games to play (or to finish) right now. However, it’s good to have something on the radar in case next year is less generous with titles that are to my liking.


20 minutes into it, this game looks like the Second Coming of Christ.

So immersive!


Sounds like an interesting game, you´d recommend that?


Yes. I especially liked the final puzzle, “use STINKY SANDALS with SOCKS in order to defeat Lucifer”.


Need to remember that next time I need to resist temptation.



Holy hell, I just had the greatest million dollar idea! :money_mouth_face:

Wait for it…

Pantomime VR™!

Made you look, eh?



That one is damn near NSFW!


My Brother Rabbit


The Gardens Between


Some horror games on itchio:


Wandersong, a musical adventure game!” by Greg Lobanov was released yesterday.
It originated from a Kickstarter campaign (sadly I saw it too late otherwise I would have backed).

It’s an adventure platformer and was released on Switch and PC (Windows for now; Mac coming soon): GOG, Humble, Steam.


I was about to post it here, but to me it look(s|ed) more like a platformer. But it focus on puzzles and story?


The thread doesn’t say point’n’click adventure. I thought about making an individual thread though.