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Lady is stuck in sewer


Please make sure you are searching by first name. This is a common mistake since most phone books are organised in “last name, first name” fashion, but in Thimbleweed Park they are organised in alphabetical order by first name.

Look for “Benjamin” in the “B” pages.



Search the phone book in WYSIWYG mode :smile:


It’s ther ein the game! Did you miss it? :joy: I linked a YT video above with the demonstration of it.


Well it’s ‘there’ if you stand still for long enough on that exact spot, which I guess I never did. It is directly under some chocolate bars and a pole, to be fair :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t played a lot of Commander Keen games but I played this particular one. Haven’t seen this until now, what a nice and sneaky Easter egg!


And it still happens only once in the game. But the moon pyramid also gave access to the secret level/pyramid.

Getting all the info in pre-internet time was painful. Now it’s so easy with Google and all the wiki sites. :sweat_smile: