The Darkside Detective

Has anyone heard of The Darkside Detective which is to be released on 2017-07-27?

A lot of stuff in the trailers look suspiciously familiar :slight_smile:

They definitely got this one thing right:


YES. I’m super-psyched for this game despite only discovering it recently when Ron retweeted them!

It looks very Twin Peaks/X Files - right up my street. There’s a mini game I might try out too.

I like it ! I hope it’s not mac-only. :slight_smile:

Heard of it. I’ll play it.

Mac and PC I believe :slight_smile:

This is the mini game:

I’m stuck already!

Edit: oh, done it :slight_smile:

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Was the demo good? I’m intrigued by the graphic style and the big super-blocky pixels, that remind me of "The Last Door".

Just try it, the online demo is very short!

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Very nice demo :slight_smile:

I don’t like the “no animations” style - everything’s too static, but I can also see how this can be a great advantage for the developer: MUCH less to code, just the interactions and the dialogs. No pathfinding, no walking animations, no “object states” to keep track of, no event scheduling.


I finished the demo, it’s a bit on the easy side (I understand now why some players assigned to it a “casual” tag on Steam) but that’s perfectly OK for me: I liked the comedy style so much that I’m willing to spend time with easy puzzles just to enjoy the humor. :slight_smile:

I’ve added it to my Steam wishlist. Thanks for creating a topic about the game, I think I saw it cited on some time ago but I didn’t realize that it was in part a comedy game, something that would have motivated me to play the demo at the time.

I’ve discovered that the graphics are by Paul Conway, the same artist who drew the “The Thing” pixel art featured in this thread.

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I mentioned that in the other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the demo barring a few ‘teething’ things (it is only a demo). Agree that it’s a bit basic but the humour makes up for it.

Their tweets are very funny too, which bodes well, heheh.

I haven’t tried the demo yet, but … I don’t know if it’s worth to spend on pixel art animations, which will be considered outdated anyway. This way they can focus on story and interaction. I think it’s a good choice…

Uh, sorry, I missed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree about the humor, I’m looking for the release in July.

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I’m not sure pixel art would be considered outdated. Pixel art is quite trendy these days. The problem with TWP is that the game itself is very old-school, with verbs and all, but a game like TDD has another look and feel, with that single-touch interface and fixed-screen narrative that makes it very suitable for mobile. In that case, pixels become just an artistic choice, not a reference to the past.

And, as I myself made a pixel art game, I must say that only a few, maybe five, out of a thousand reviewers complained that it was low-res. Some nostalgic players praised the graphics, but most of the people didn’t care at all.

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can I ask you the name of the game?


Sure enough, just released today! I picked it up on Steam and will be checking it out tonight.



Pleasingly cheap too.

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I enjoyed it. A small, funny, very basic adventure with a nice mood and some good vibes from Ben Prunty (horrible drums). The blocky presentation countered the fun of exploring scenes. It’s performance hungry.

I’m quite liking it too. It’s pretty basic, but entertaining - the dialogue is amusing and full of references to a lot of shows and books (and even some games) mentioned on these boards. It spoofs the detective genre pretty well - and gaming in general (check out the settings!)

A good game for when I’m not in the mood for anything taxing!

And perhaps a good one for introducing people to the point and click genre who haven’t played those sorts of games before.

Edit: love the purple tentacle puzzle :laughing: