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Leonard In The Plant


thanks to the lovely peeps on here my suspicion that Dougs shovel had significance has been justified.

Anyway, I went into the shop where Leonard works. He’s now been consumed by the man eating plant.

Del exclaims ‘Oh No!’, so it feels like she should help him. I can now use the can of Pepsi (Poopsie), on the plant but it feels like if I used some other item as well perhaps I could make the plant spit out Leonard?

Please help hints not exact if it is true.

Thanks :smiley:

As far as I know, you can’t get Leonard out of the plant, once he is in it. :slight_smile:

(But that was in the original version, maybe they changed something with the arcade update…?)

You can give the Poopsi to the plant with the (only) result that the plant burps. I can’t remember if the plant won’t eat Leonard anymore after you used the Poopsi on it.

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You won the bet.


Look at it with Ransome and check out what he exclaims. :wink:

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