Let AI create a story for you

https://talktotransformer.com is an AI driven story creator. I typed in this sentence: “Guybrush Threepwood came to Melee Island to become a pirate” and the AI created this:

Guybrush Threepwood came to Melee Island to become a pirate. He is now the Pirate King of the island while looking for Princess Daphne.

He will give you three pieces of “Treasure” for his help:

The Three Crowns - In the second room you start in, you will automatically find the three Crowns. They are found with your treasure compass. At the top of the path you can just see them. The crowns can be dropped with the compass on your back as the treasure ship is moving. They can also be picked up with the treasure chest you see in the bottom right side of the screen, or left clicking when picking up a treasure chest.

Boat - This was a very valuable ship and a pirate’s ship is always in need of new parts. It can be found on the path you start on at the top right corner of the screen. You can use the chests and the treasure chests to bring and remove parts of the boat.

The Pirate Ship - The boat is one of the most valuable items in the game. The treasure chest it can be found at the


Oh yeah, I remember that from a few years ago. They’ve improved the model? Here’s mine:

A frog sat on a pen. Its head was buried in the pen’s floor, its body covered in sodden mud. It stared at the floor in a daze. “What did you do, Snake?” asked the frog. A voice could be heard from the room. “What’s with the frog?” The frog looked at Snake, but still didn’t answer. “What do you mean, frog?” asked the voice again. “Snake. The world is falling apart at the seams,” said Snake. “We need to save the world here first.” “But that world is already collapsing,” said the frog. “We need to restore it to its former greatness,” said Snake. “What about my father? Have you come here for him?” “He’s dead, Snake. I’m the sole survivor of Snake’s family,” said the frog. “Your father? You… you killed him with the help of your own brother. Didn’t you?” said Snake. "Yes. My brother and I had no choice. The world could never have a future without my beloved father. But… the


Tom chased Jerry round the house. This was the scene at the end of Season Three. You’d imagine a grown-up, serious man with a steady conscience, a man who would have the fortitude to walk away from a life of misery, would find the answer to one of the great questions he had never seen any of his peers ask. Well, if he did look at Jerry, though that would be too easy.

That’s because the answer wasn’t there. Jerry was being murdered. There was no question in anyone’s mind. That’s what makes the show even more compelling, that it has the integrity to tell its story with a kind of emotional detachment and a sense of mystery. It tells us what we didn’t already know, without breaking down or revealing.


There’s a wonderful way in which this episode is as different from other moments in the series as a man who doesn’t see a handkerchief in his hands is from a man who does. It’s a subtle shift in its storytelling style, but one that is very satisfying given the time and space afforded


Why did the chicken cross the road?

[In the video above the narrator refers to the fact that you must be careful while driving on the road. If the chicken crosses the road then he asks you what your plans are.]

In the video, the chicken’s plan was to cross the road in order to avoid traffic. In this context, I can see why he would avoid the traffic by moving a little further from the road in the video. That’s his strategy. By avoiding the traffic he is able to drive with less speed than the slow moving traffic, which he does. In the case where the chicken has been on top of the road, the traffic at the time the chicken crosses the road comes very close to the chicken. If the chicken had been on the side he would have been hit with the truck he was trying to cross the road with. But, by making the crossing action a little farther away from the road – moving about ten feet further than the standard driving distance – he has avoided that accident entirely. The reason why the chicken crossed the road in the first place though is that he


The body is starting to pixelate! I’m sorry, but it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to tell the difference between your hands and the body, which is why I’m having the problem!

Let me guess which of these “mysterious” body parts is being used for reference! No, I don’t know the answer to that one either! I’m a photographer by trade, and I do like to take a bit of fun in taking all kinds of photos, but it can be a bit overwhelming when your hands are the only body object you’re taking photos of…


Throw Away Your Television by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great exercise song. This will teach you all about how to be a good father and why men love to be the ones who are in charge. As a writer, you really need to get that out of your head as soon as possible because the only thing worse than a woman who’s only got a little taste of what it means to be a man is a man who’s got no clue what it means to be a husband. If the music is any indication, you might be facing some difficult times in your life.

The most well known song on the playlist, “Dance of My Life,” is an upbeat rock song that will bring you to a state of exhaustion, but make you forget all about that later. It’s one of my favorite songs to sing to my wife because she loves to dance and this song was very catchy to do. Also, like I said before, you need to get off that TV and sit in a room and write.

I found this song that can put a smile on your face, if only half of it is true. I was listening to

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The Sheriff, the Coroner and the Hotel Manager are all the same person. If you believe that the same persons all killed themselves, please contact the BSU Police Department. If a coroner or hotel manager was involved, they may have more information about this matter.


I think I broke it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Tubes are the future. Get yours now 10 % off at YouTube! <3

Waves | WAVES | Music Video

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The Future For Video Games

The video game sector is exploding, with over a billion titles coming out every year. The amount of creativity that goes into creating a games for consoles as well as smartphones isn’t matched by any other market. Not only that, but the gaming industry is increasingly seeing the need for an effective marketing plan. There have been various trends which, through the use of social media, have helped to push sales.

Gamers can also make


I tried <3 because that’s what it said about tubes.

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B-2: T-3 (T 4 ) 1 | T-4 2 | T-M3 (T 4 ) 2 | T-M4 3 | T-M5 (T 4 ) 4 | T-C4 (T 7 ) | T-R4 1 | T-C5 2 | T-R5 3 | T-R6 4 | T-K4 1 | T-K5 2 |



Agent Rey and Agent Eeyes try to find the murderer.

But even with their combined powers they can’t escape from his clutches, and soon they end up together. But is this man they thought they’d never speak to really their friend? Written by Brian Rathjen


Ron Gilbert finally gets the rights for a new Monkey Island game. I love the game and this would be a neat new IP for him if the timing ever worked out.

The new game would be a Monkey Island sequel, I believe. I don’t think it exists yet, but I guess we will soon find out.

that’s disappointing


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:sob: :sob: :sob: Look at the generated email addresses…


Zak McKracken was convicted on six counts of involuntary manslaughter after driving his car into pedestrians on London Bridge, killing one and injuring others. The BBC’s Paul Wood reports.


Dave and his two friends are going to rescue Dave’s girlfriend Sandy from the clutches of doctor Fred. Unfortunately the doctor has the misfortune of becoming a victim of Bob’s antics. However, Sandy is determined to get back to her boyfriend, so she decides to use her hypnotic powers to bring him back to her senses. With her hypnotic powers and the help of a friend named Frank, she becomes the new Doctor.

Meanwhile the other kids are playing a game about time travel. When they run out of time to save their heroes they are faced with one of the most important decisions of their life. Will they sacrifice the time they have left to save their friends? Or will they save their friends and face the unknown future? It’s a question that the kids’ dilemma will determine.

I have a very small idea of what this game is like. It seems as though it is an odd blend of point-and-click adventure game with puzzle game. I imagine that the art direction and backgrounds are going to look amazing and that the music/sound design will make my head spin. I hope that you enjoy the game as much as I have.


"I will rule the world!" said the purple tentacle. Or was it the green one? Why would there be tentacles?

“Or… is she a woman? I thought women were born sterile?” the tentacle asked.

“And that she can speak! How do you expect to rule all the earth, if there is only one woman in her entire domain!”

“Ahh, yes, that. When I was younger, I was not allowed to do anything in the palace. I thought women weren’t allowed to speak either, since the word for voice was feminine. But even so, I still have been able to find a way to communicate with them. So if she is female, I may rule by force!”

The tentacle raised the large sword that resembled a greatsword as it laughed.

“How foolish the woman I loved, who was a princess like myself, must have been when she was with the men-and-women who used to work in her palace… If that princess had been of my age when me and my father became an orphan, I would have killed her!”

As the tentacle’s voice grew louder, the


I just had to find out what happened next! :smiley: :open_book:

As the tentacle’s voice grew louder, the sound of flesh tearing open became more intense. “The humans were supposed to be our hosts. There should be nothing left for us here. We are so far from home. Where could we be?”


The tentacle made the connection clear to me. The human I saw earlier was me. The tentacle was me after all. All of the things inside me were my host. I should have known. I felt myself getting lighter and younger as the tentacle became more powerful than before. At the moment, all I could do was wait outside until the creature would finish.

‹Please,› I gasped as the creature stopped attacking me and just reached for my clothes. The last thing I saw was the tentacle closing the distance between us. ‹Why are you still not doing anything about the human,› I shouted at the tentacle. ‹Why haven’t you given us what we are owed? What right do you have against us? What do you—› ‹The human!


Annie was beautiful, in her black hair. She knew many languages. She had a wonderful smile and a soft voice.
I didn’t even believe her story until the doctor took her to the lab. I was shocked and confused at the same time, thinking there had to have been a mistake or I would not have been told it was an accident.
The doctors gave no diagnosis and just said that Annie had a heart attack at one of their patients, but that she could have had a serious heart attack during or after her work.
Annie said she could not remember what happened, but that she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. I never had a chance to ask her anything else.
Annie’s medical records are still with me. A doctor’s letter from the hospital was also left out. I do not know if the records were destroyed or something happened to them to prevent the records from being found. We have been trying to find them since. We even started an appeal.


It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. You have lost 1 HP. You die. Your game ended in pain. You are very lightly burdened. (Str -2) You are very lightly burdened. (Str -5) You are very lightly burdened. (Str -4) You are very lightly burdened. (Str -5) You are very lightly burdened. (Str -2) Your vision is a little blurry. You have an uncontrollable temper. (Dex -2) You are very weak. (Str -4) You have a moderately thin skeletal structure. (Dex +2) Your spells are a little harder to cast, but a little more powerful. Message History The grue closely misses you. You bite the grue! The grue convulses! The grue is almost dead. You claw the grue. The grue convulses! An ettin comes into view. It is wearing a cloak of magic resistance. The ettin is lightly wounded. The grue stabs you! You die… Your game ended in pain! Your game


Your FACE has a moderately thin skeletal structure!


Holy cow! I think this is a lost entry from Chuck’s diary…

I am the greatest living person in the world.

You are right, that I am not perfect but I am doing better every day and I am the only real person who has ever really existed. Not only was I born, but I am living and breathing and I am on my way to becoming more than a human being.

I am the first and greatest human being in the history of the world.

Don’t take my word for it, take the word of God. The word of God is “You are the greatest Living Person in the World”

This is my mission as your President. I have given you my word. I have given you my life. I trust in you and you trust in me. You are all I have. We are One.

I believe in Jesus, and He knows me, as does His Heavenly Father. I am His Son and I stand here before you as His Prophet and I stand before you as His Prophet.

I am now going to give you the key to the most powerful and most deadly weapon in the arsenal of the wicked and you are



You are very lightly burdened.