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Let's play.... DOS games!


Actually, it looked more like that than Word. I wonder if I was just using a text editor and not a word processor? :joy: ah damn, I’d love to know what is was. Maybe I should start a project to Reconstruct Kate’s 90s Computer.


Where is your backup? :wink:

Actually I think I have most of the applications/games and documents I have created far back then.
Every time I’ve got a new computer I’ve copied all data to the new harddisk which was always huge compared to the previous one.


MicroSoft Word for MS-DOS?



Chek this interesting site about it:

It could also be Microsoft Works, a simpler but wider program (and pretty common back than, I used it on Win95):


On this site you can explore the different releases through the years


How could it be different from that? You are Nor_Treblig!
I still struggle for my data loss of June 2017!!!

I envy your organizational skills


I don’t have any. I just happen to know how the copy command works.


So, what about a Prince of Persia speedrun contest? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, a Stunts competition :smiley:


That’s closer, but I’m sure the menu was at the bottom and not like a dropdown menu - more like a list. I don’t remember it being Microsoft, but maybe I just didn’t know that at the time!

I remember having that afterwards as an ‘upgrade’ :wink:

Those are interesting sites.

Well I meant ‘reconstruct’ in the sense of remembering the complete setup, not actually building it :wink: I remember copying some things like word docs, but not much else. Maybe I’d grown out of those games at that stage. I’ve still got some of them at my mum’s though.


Ooh it was similar to this! That doesn’t look completely right but the bottom menu is what I was talking about.

This is MS Word 5.0.



Then maybe an earlier release of MS Word?

Or WordPerfect?


Now I want a dot matrix printer

but not this one. “Sounds like a baby alien crying.” :smile:


I haven’t played it for so long I’ll probably need at least 61 minutes to finish it. :wink:
One thing I remember is the :mouse2: in one of the later levels.


Another fun thing could be Another World/Out Of This World. I know at least @ZakPhoenixMcKracken has played that! :slight_smile:


Do that! I never managed to get past the first part! I would like to see how it ends…


The part up to the cage? That´s about the only part I have no problems with. After that it gets hard for me too. I may be getting the PS4 version so capturing is easier for me.


I’ve played it lot of times, I managed to finish it only with a walkthrough (and it was difficult anyway!)


Haha, I used to spend ages lining up a jump for PoP, so I’d be crap at that. That game really shattered my nerves.

I don’t remember that…


It´s the kind of game I wish I could love more because of it´s gripping art design, atmosphere and world. But it´s just so hard.

Check out Cahi´s Post Mortem on it, if you haven´t yet!


It sounds a little like WordPerfect. It had very cryptic commands just to do very simple things. I remember there were entire classes devoted just to learning them.

I was the last hold-out with a C64 until about 1993 when I finally convinced my mom to buy as a 486sx PC. Even though it came with Win 3.1, it was such a memory hog that I ended up using DOS most of the time.

I spent most of my time messing around on BBS’s. I ran one for a while and hosted some door games. I remember Global Wars being my favorite. It was basically like Risk with really crappy ANSI graphics. People were really into Usurper, too. Apart from doors, there was Doom of course, and the Hugo’s House of Horrors games which were basically like low-budget Sierra games.


THIS was the most difficult point, for me.
The moment after, you must RUN and JUMP at the perfect timing!


How about a new DOS game?

The 2018 what are we playing thread


I can’t believe people are still doing that.