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Let's play.... DOS games!


I should make that my life credo. I could be so careless. So happy. Ahhh, yes. :relieved:

Seriously though. That would be a bit condescending of an assumption, right?

This vagueness at least made me a bit unsure if it would work with the version I have (which happens to be the only one on GOG at the moment.)


It’s not like I didn’t look, and to top it off it’s not like you linked or quoted it, either. :wink: I looked some more and indeed found

The free megawad will be released in mid- February 2019 and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM® in order to play.

I apologize to people born after 2000 then.

Edit: Reading on a bit further I saw this:

To make it work, you basically drag the SIGIL.WAD file onto gzdoom.exe (or on a Mac).


Mhhh, will have to check again.


Link to GZDoom:

If it’s running with GZDoom, it should work with The Ultimate Doom too.


Cool, I think I may try this then! grafik


Planet X3 Teaser was released.
Guess the voice overs!


Isn’t it more of an either you know it or you don’t? :stuck_out_tongue: I watch LGR all the time. Can’t say the same for Techmoan (?) but I’m reasonably sure I’ve come across the guy comparing Blu-Ray to Video CD and stuff like that.


Retro City Rampage contains versions for DOS and Win 3.1. I got it and I can confirm that the DOS version works, but I haven’t seriously played it so far.