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Let's play.... DOS games!


Did she already see… this?

“Dad, watch out for the evil door!”


As I kid I thought I came up with “the floor is lava” because I played some “real life super mario”. These days I found out every kid has been doing this for generations!


It’s also a common exercise for actors, btw.


We used to play real-life Knightmare at school until my friend walked headfirst into an iron pole.


My daughters began playing “the floor is lava” too and I’m sure I did not teach them. That’s odd.

But, yes, she already saw the “bear trap”. In fact, that’s the thing I said her after the spikes. “Now the bear trap! SDENG! SDENG! SDENG!” and she tried to time her jumps with my noises.


I’m so proud of your teaching methods! :smile:


And real life Prince of Persia is one hell of a fitness sport!

As far as I know, I am the culprit who introduced your daughter to PoP! :grinning:


No, she already knew it :stuck_out_tongue: remember how you told her “I don’t think I have games here” and she recognized the DosBox icon and said “yes, you do have games on this computer”


Isn’t it time we all did?


I think I haven’t played PoP since something like '93.

PS I don’t like Sands of Time. It’s… okay.


OK, so who wants to play the real version of Doom 2?
Currently you can get the original disks for cheap on eBay:

Edit: He is raising money for Christy Marx and Randy Littlejohn who lost their home in the fire.


I do it, from time to time.


Although I never played Doom 2
Or Doom 1, for that matter…


We played a fair bit of Doom 95 multiplayer. I don’t recall much of it compared to Quake 2 & 3.


Yes, sure!

This one looks way more entertaining


The $3200 bid was cancelled, so now for cheap for real!


Staying on the current topic (Doom):
You can pre-order boxed versions by John Romero of Megawad until 24th of December:

SIGIL Standard Edition Box PC Megawad for $39.99

SIGIL Beast Box PC Megawad for $166.00:


I jumped with joy at the news at first, but I guess the free dlc won´t work with my copy of The Ultimate Doom (I think it said somewhere it has to be the original 1993 one).


I saw that too, not sure why that really is. We can still “find” the original somewhere…


Without having seen the statement in question, it seems more plausible that someone wanted to distinguish it from the recent Bethesda Doom game? :stuck_out_tongue: