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Let's play... Nintendo games!


A comparable game and not just any good game, yes. Sonic was the competitor for Mario after all. And not for Super Mario Bros. (compared to which it looks pretty good) but it was out at the same time as Mario 3 and Super Mario World and compared to those it pretty much pales as well.


yeah… sure… that’s why :wink:

yeah… sure… that’s why :wink:


that’s the one!
I’ve spent hours and hours researching that online before, and specifically how to use it to backup your legally purchased games and then thought : what a mess. (same goes for jailbreaking iOS devices to run scummVM)

If/when I ever find the time to make my own game, I wouldn’t target the DS (I’ll start with AGS or something), but thanks for the info. It’s impressive you saw it through and made that treasure hunt game.


That’s why you should play point & click adventures. They have the best kind of puzzles.
So far I have finished 3 of the 4 Layton games I have. And it is a bit of a task to invest time into it. I figure I will play/finish some more games on the DS to get my money’s worth out of it, but :neutral_face: meh


I have a Nintendo DSi. I only have a few games on it but the Layton ones are probably my favourites (Curious Village, Pandora’s Box and Lost Future). I also liked the Brain Training ones.

I haven’t played on it in ages, though.

I didn’t know about the Layton DLC – I think it’s because I played them long after they were released, too.

I keep trying to think of other Nintendo games I’ve liked, then realise I actually played them on something else (like Bomberman – which turns out to be a PC game originally, so doesn’t count? And the version I played was Mega Bomberman, on the XBox and retro pie).

I just did it again with Crash Bandicoot. It’s on some Nintendo consoles now but I played it on my cousin’s Playstation. Sidenote: we also played a game called Pandemonium, where I was the only one out of my cousins that could do this really difficult flying jump, but only if I went ‘DEN-DIDDLE-EEEEN!’ as I did it. True story.

Sorry, that was all mostly not relevant…


just tag Super in front of Every. Single. Title.
Super Bomberman
Super Crash Bandicoot
Super Secret of Monkey Island


I’ve hardly played the original games for the PS1, but I’ve preordered the N-Sane Trilogy for the Switch for July. It’s a remake of the three original games, but much more challenging, apparently.

Also looking forward to the remake of Spyro the Dragon :smile: That was my all-time favourite PS1 game!

By the way, the PS1 was my first ever console.


Isn’t that Super Mega Bomberman? No relation to Super Megaman. :wink:


Apparently not… (I just stumbled upon this title, it is set for release next week)


The original Nintendo Game Boy (DMG-01) is more or less the only console I’ve ever owned (with one exception).

I’ve played a lot of Tetris and platformers (Super Mario Land&Co).

My favourite games were The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Mystic Quest. Both heavy on the adventure side of gameplay.

Oops, at first I’ve read “the analogue version of Duck Hunt games”.


:heart_eyes: what a great selection!

Gameboy Games I remember having and playing:

A Boy And His Blob
The Amazing Spider Man
Gargoyle´s Quest
Castlevania Adventure
Dr Franken
Mystic Quest
The Legend Of Zelda: Link´s Awakening
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


This was an interesting game (you know, figuring out puzzles is something we like).
There were various remakes, like this more recent one A Boy and His Blob on GOG, which probably works better for younger generations.

I played it at a friend’s home but never got far. I liked if though. Only much later I discovered there is much more to it then the platforming at the beginning!


I once got bored and played Earthbound on a SNES emulator. I didn’t even know it was that famous, I just happened to have the rom and randomly tried it.

I got extremely hooked, which was strange to me, as I don’t usually like RPG games. I progressed and progressed.

Then my savegame got corrupted.


I didn´t get really far with it on the SNES Mini, but people keep saying how awesome it is. It´s positivily weird that´s for sure and the music is extremly catchy.

The stray dog got tame…


That’s the one!


Ok, which level / section are you stuck on? Maybe I can make a recording of that part :smiley:


Left stack = games I have completed
Right stack = games I have started but not completed yet

Left stack: casual games I haven’t played for more than 15 minutes so far
Right stack: kids games I’ll probably never play (although I have played Tinkerbell for some time and it is nice. And probably I’ll try Pippi Longstockings one day too)


impossible mission? Epyx? For Nintendo DS?


One problem I have is that you need to collect coins to open gates. And you need to open a gate to save the game.
I currently have unlocked worlds 1,2,3,5 and 6
In world 1-5 and the big castle I miss 1 coin
In world 2 I miss most coins (except in 2-1) and I found a cannon that shot me to world 5… grrrr

I have 48 lives though, by reloading and replaying one of the little houses that was doubling and doubling the number of lives if you guessed in the right order. After 20 tries or something I got lucky!

Anyway, how can I get to world 4?


Yes! I saw it at a store one day…last copy… instabuy!
I’ll post a video later