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Let's play... Nintendo games!


And how can I get the second coin in w2-4?

And how do I get past those blasting pipes underwater in w3-3?


Or in Japanese: supah bombahmannu :stuck_out_tongue:


You can see some video of it here and here (for the remake versions)


It’s bizarre, seeing the C64 version on the Nintendo made me think that the C64 was really an ultra powerful personal computer!


Yeah I mean just compare the two versions of Maniac Mansion.


Defeat the boss of World 2 as Mini Mario.



How can you? You’re a flea… bite him?


Ground pound! On his head.





aha! ass first…

Oh, thanks! Will look at this later (at work now…)


All this talk made me hook up my SNES Mini again and play Super Castlevania IV, what a fantastic game! :heart_eyes:


You’re the best! thanks!


Everybody progressing with their own stuff tonight? I played and finished Super Castlevania IV. That was fun, too. :slight_smile:


I got that secret coin in Mario and then tried 20times to beat the boss as flea Mario with his ass attack…but I got my ass kicked 20 times instead and no rewind, so I just quit.


You know the expression “Nintendo Hard”?


Yep. Reinstalling Windows 10. I’ve survived it, but I can’t recommend it. It’s full of bugs, slow and the graphics are crappy. And the “talk to” verb is completely missing in the first part…


it’s more like “Ninten-doh that tiny Mario is hard to see on my DS and now I just hit the boss on the side and get killed”



Now imagine him on a tiny green screen drawn in jaggly black lines!



According to NES fanboys, that version is the best because it has music!
But I also think the graphics look a bit odd.