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Let's play... Nintendo games!


Yeah, you can. But I wouldn’t recommend it. It has these pretty neat parts that I guess everybody remembers or something and then there’s like 90% drudge.[1] There are much better (J)RPGs out there, like Golden Sun and Secret of Mana.

[1] But my drudge may be another person’s gold, so give it a go for yourself if you can get it on the cheap I suppose.


A GameBoy clone is coming with “over 250” classic games:


Maybe this´ll show them that an official thing would be possible to do.


With only 26 games in that case… :roll_eyes:


As long as it has Tetris it might be worth it.
Back when I had a Gameboy I think 90% of the time I spent just playing Tetris.







I wanted to share :smiley:


A supermarket in Italy has a point promotion where you can win a mug with a Super Mario character. My mother-in-law sent us a pic asking us which characters would be better for our daughters. I didn’t remember which characters they chose in Mario Kart, so I let her play a bit to refreshen her knowledge.

It turns out Ilaria loves Luigi. Good to know, my dear, since I will be player one.


Uh oh.